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By Ella Frazer and Casey O’brien Organizers estimated that over 450 Puget Sound students and faculty walked out of their classes on Thursday, Nov. 19, to stand in protest and advocate for improving treatment of marginalized identities at the university and nationwide. The rally took place on the steps of […]


Violence spreads to campuses, Northwest

By Olivia Langen Three years after the Black Lives Matter movement began in Florida, after George Zimmerman fatally shot black teenager Trayvon Martin, the movement remains prominent as various cases of racial violence prompt protests nationwide. University of Missouri (Mizzou), UCLA, Yale, Arizona State University, University of Oklahoma and Lewis […]


Correction: Dec. 11, 2015

The article printed in the November 6, 2015 issue entitled “Students march, boycott ​Sakuma Bros. Farms” inaccurately stated that Sakuma Bros. had declined to interview. While the writer did make efforts to contact Sakuma Bros. representatives, The Trail recognizes that a greater effort to contact the company should have been […]

Mary Lambert draws crowds from within  and beyond Puget Sound

Mary Lambert draws crowds from within and beyond Puget Sound

Mary Lambert singing live on the University of Puget Sound. From the moment that Mary Lambert’s fingers first touched the keys of her onstage piano, her bubbly demeanor vanished, replaced by one of somber tenderness.  As she played sad, soft chords, her first words were not in song, but spoken […]

Cast: Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Stanley Tucci, Liev Schrieber, Billy Crudup

Director: Tom McCarthy


Genre: Mystery & Suspense, Drama

Release Date: November 6th 

Rating: 98%

SPOTLIGHT Movie Review

There was no applause when the credits appeared on screen at the end of Spotlight. The only noise in the small theater of The Grand Cinema was a man muttering a single fitting word under his breath: “Jesus.” Spotlight is named after the investigative team at The Boston Globe that […]


Breakfast Success: Bros and Breakfast event provides and opening for conversation and change

It was a good problem to have. Trimble Forum was at maximum capacity. Dozens more people piled into the room as some of the facilitators grabbed an extra table. Overall, Tuesday night’s Bros and Breakfast talk was overwhelming, right down to the dense, delicious, cardamom-infused pancakes being served in the […]