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What’s up next on Puget Sound’s Master Plan

Students returning to campus this fall noticed two big structural changes on campus. First, the completion of Commencement Hall; and second, the construction and renovations beginning made on Wheelock Student Center. These projects are just two components of the Master Plan that President Ronald Thomas was charged with developing when […]


Analyzing the failure of the Occupy movement

  On Sept. 17, 2011, an estimated 5000 people assembled in downtown New York to protest corruption in the financial system. This movement, known as Occupy Wall Street, attracted a great deal of attention across the nation, though reactions were mixed. A Gallup poll conducted Oct. 2011 found that 63 […]

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Tamanawas on the brink of discontinuation

The Tamanawas Yearbook has been a staple of the Puget Sound community since 1920, but it is in danger of being discontinued. Rising print costs and the increase of social media usage has made many feel that yearbooks are obsolete. Print media as a whole has been criticized by proponents […]

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Understanding asexuality: giving a voice to a voiceless orientation

It has been argued that we are entering into an era of greater visibility and tolerance of other sexualities and gender identifications. While we as a society have made great leaps and strides in our acceptance of the LGBTQ community in the last 50 years or so, we still have […]

ASK night to introduce alums, students next week

ASK night to introduce alums, students next week

Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) is an event, hosted by the Alumni Council and Employment Services Committee, and organized by Career and Employment Services (CES) that will take place on Thursday Oct. 24, from 7-8:30 p.m. in Wheelock Student Center Marshall Hall. “ASK Night is a reception that provides students and […]


Terrorism in Somalia overlooked: US needs to rethink anti-terrorism efforts

You are not alone if you missed the latest news from Kenya. Members of Somalian Islamic terrorist group al-Shabaab laid siege to the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi for four days. 67 are reported dead; 175 injured and 71 are still missing. The attack began on Sept. 21, the International […]

Celebrate fall with apple and pumpkin picking

Celebrate fall with apple and pumpkin picking

By OLIVIA PIERCE FREEMAN   Nearly all can agree that the harvest season ‘tis the time to make the most of the crisp autumn air—bundle up, get you and your pals’ bums in the car, and spend a day at one of the many apple-picking and pumpkin farms in the […]

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By MR. BUTTFIST Aries: Due to the lining up of Mercury and Venus,  a stranger will unexpectedly enter your life, through a very unexpected way. He will most definitely crash his car into the side of your house at 3 a.m. on a Wednesday. Taurus: Surprise! You’re pregnant. Gemini: Too […]


A discourse on female sexuality in pop culture

As our generation of third-wave feminists continues its discourse on sex-positive behaviors, the most obvious celebrity of interest has quickly become Miley Cyrus. As tracks from her new album, Bangerz, which dropped Oct. 4, climb the iTunes charts (the album itself hit the number one spot within hours of its […]

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ASUPS elections: dressed-up popularity contests or more?

By YOLO ONO After a week of voting and intense debate, students have officially elected their best friend, some cute person and a guy running unopposed to serve as their new ASUPS senators. While some worried the decision to exclude each candidate’s Facebook profile from the ballot might hurt  the […]