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Last-standing New Year’s Resolution Finally Abandoned, Truths Revealed

On Jan. 1, people across the world pledge to make a substantial change in their lives during the coming year. A recent survey has revealed that with the second month of 2015 ending, the final “New Year’s resolution” has been abandoned. During the early years of this tradition, scientists began to realize that these resolutions were rarely sustained for the entire year. They came upon this discovery by monitoring actual change in society: if people were to stick with their reforms, scientists had predicted that within 20 years all of...
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Study Abroad Student Learns a Lot From Taking More s\Selfies with Children

One of every undergraduate college student’s dreams is to embark on an overseas journey to experience the unique and colorful facets of another country and their culture. From the fog-and-windswept bluffs of Ireland to the humid rainforests of Costa Rica, every student has their own ideal destination. For sophomore Katie Jackson, that destination is Zimbabwe, Africa. “Ever since I saw my best friend Zoe Perkins’ Facebook picture, I’ve always wanted to go ,” Jackson said. “Seeing her in that colorful flowing skirt and white blouse… and the way she held...
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Admissions Requests Prospie Instagrams

Campus admissions is slotted to join forces with the school’s social media department, and not just for marketing purposes. “Every year we strive to admit the best students to our school,” an admissions official said, “but the standards for what makes a good candidate for the University have changed. You can’t really gauge how well a person will fit into the community from an essay and some test scores. That’s why we’re teaming up with the social media department—so we can really dig into a candidate’s persona.” Recently, some corporations...
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Student catfished by ASUPS president

“Why not stop on by and pay me a visit?” wrote current ASUPS President Paige Maney in an email sent to Mitchell Leatherman on Jan. 28. This email was sent to all students currently enrolled at the University of Puget Sound. School officials reported that this message was aimed at all students, encouraging them to get involved. Mitchell Leatherman disagreed. “I was blatantly catfished by Paige Maney,” Leatherman said. Leatherman had been cataloguing Maney’s emails since the beginning of the 2014 fall semester at Puget Sound. “Happy Fourth Week of...
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It’s finals week and obligations mean nothing

Finals week is finally here! Isn’t everyone excited? I’m excited. No, not for the tests or the stress or the cramming; I’m excited because finals week means that I can abandon all of my other responsibilities, to both myself and society. Some (my housemates) would say that final exams don’t mean the world stops, but don’t you think it should? Here are some things you have a right to not do because you have finals: ●       Shower: Some might say that maintaining personal hygiene is a responsibility you have, not...
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