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ASUPS Club Financing

Dear Editor, In her article in the last issue of The Trail, Grace Farrell asserted that “he ASUPS budgeting process appears thorough and helpful, but the logistics of reimbursements … remain burdensome.” I write as a co-president of the Jewish Student Union and former ASUPS president to attest to this burden (and its disproportionate weight on students who are economically disadvantaged) and suggest a policy to help alleviate it. When I served as ASUPS president during the 2022–2023 academic year, my administration issued purchasing cards to ASUPS clubs with budgets over...

COVID Four Years Later: Social, Academic and Mental Impacts on Students

By Hannah Lee As the COVID-19 pandemic nears the end of its fourth year, researchers are just beginning to study the impact of the pandemic on children and young adults.    COVID has shaped the collective school and university experience for the past few years. Most students who are currently studying on the University of Puget Sound campus have had their high school or college years affected in some way or other. Most students have had to do online schooling for a year or two.    In 2022, The New York Times...
Letters to the EditorOpinions

“Israel, Palestine, Gaza: Histories of the Present” on Dec 4 in Tahoma Room

Dear Editors, We are writing in response to your editorial, "University of Puget Sound Campus Must Respond to War in Gaza," in your November 10th issue. We need to continue to address the Israel-Hamas war on campus with care and thoughtfulness as to the suffering of Palestinians and Israelis alike. To that end, we would like to announce that Dr. Liora Halperin, Professor of International Studies and History, and Distinguished Endowed Professor of Jewish Studies, at the University of Washington-Seattle, will be giving a talk entitled, "Israel, Palestine, Gaza: Histories...
Letters to the EditorOpinions

Ongoing University Response to Israel-Hamas War

Dear members of the Trail Editorial Board,   The divisions of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Institutional Equity and Diversity acknowledge the call the editorial board of the Trail made to the campus community last week to engage in learning and conversation about the Israel and Hamas war, antisemitism, andIslamophobia.  We would like to share with the campus community some of the collaborations currently underway among our three divisions, as well as our continuing efforts to address the topics listed above. As plans are finalized, we will inform the community...
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