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George Washington University & Plan B vending machines

By Amelia Pooser Following the reversal of Roe v. Wade, legislation and public action are continuing to adapt. Recently, George Washington University in Washington D.C. responded to the Supreme Court ruling by making strides to support their womb-bearing students by providing accessible and private access to morning-after pills. In early February of this year, George Washington University installed a vending machine in the basement of their student center that sells Plan B, Advil, condoms, and other health necessities. Each pack costs around $30 on-campus compared to the $50 price tag...
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Student of color scapegoated for laugh at town hall

Letter to the Editor: Dear readers, I read with consternation the recent email from VPs Lorna Hernandez Jarvis and Sarah Comstock in regards to the Nov. 16 Town Hall incident. Rather than a resolution to this painful situation, their message highlights the failure of our leadership and community to deal with and learn from this event.  The email indicates that following the incident “an individual promptly and voluntarily came forward to clarify that the sound that was made is their natural laugh.” Notwithstanding, the individual is now required to “participate...
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