Why haven’t we gotten paid?

By Sara Orozco, KUPS Correspondent   Those with a job working for any of the media organizations on campus probably are asking the same thing: where are our paychecks? Since the beginning of this semester, almost all staff members in KUPS, Crosscurrents, Wetlands, Elements, Photo Services, and The Trail have been missing their pay. There’s one thing we can say for sure: It’s no longer in ASUPS’ hands. ASUPS approves budgets and student stipends through a lengthy bureaucratic process of senate meetings, but as of right now, only two positions...
The Happy Trail

So you’re a virgin in college……?

By Amelia Pooser   Everyone at some point in their life has been a virgin, a universal human truth. But as universal as this phenomenon is, the topic continues to be taboo, Why? Most are exposed to the topic of sex and virginity at a young age which should normalize the topic but virginity and losing it remains a censored and naughty topic of conversation. But what truly constitutes virginity? There are certainly pressures around having sex and “losing” your virginity, but this narrative is mainly centered around women who...

Report finds University must cut staff, consolidate programs to avoid $10 million deficit

By Albert Chang-Yoo   On Sept. 26, 2022 the Comprehensive Academic, Administrative and Auxiliary Program Review (AAAPR) submitted a lengthy list of recommendations to combat the University’s financial woes. The review found that in order to avoid an expected $10 million deficit by 2025, the University must make significant changes, including faculty downsizing and program consolidation. President Crawford will submit a preliminary report to the Board of Trustees today and final recommendations will be voted on in February.   The Comprehensive Academic, Administrative, & Auxiliary Program Review was created by...

Peer Allies shifts away from voluntary student labor

By Albert Chang-Yoo The following story discusses themes of sexual violence and abuse. If you are someone you know needs resources, please refer to the end of this piece. Peer Allies, the University of Puget Sound’s student support group for victims of sexual violence, has historically relied on voluntary, unpaid student labor. Now, that standard is set to change. Starting this semester, the University has authorized the creation of three paid Peer Ally positions with more extensive training, with the hope of reducing student burnout and fostering a healthier environment...

No mask mandate: madness or normality?

By Hannah Lee    For the first time since the spring of 2020, the University of Puget Sound is having a mask-optional semester. According to the CDC, 616,172,308 doses of vaccines have been administered, and the number of cases is down from 1,272,899 new cases per day at its peak this January to now 12,852 new cases per day as of Sept. 26. Many people believe that we can finally put the past behind us, and finally get on with our lives, while others still live in fear.   But...
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