Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

The following note was delivered anonymously to The Trail’s campus mailbox and received on Nov. 11, 2022. You and the student paper are about to be besieged with the results of an effort coordinated by a large and militant group of faculty who cannot abide by the recent decision of the Board of Trustees to accept only a portion of the recommendations put forward by those same faculty. This group is organizing its messaging to the student newspaper. As you begin to receive enquiries and guidance from this portion of...

Faculty hesitant on rushed retirement packages; uncertainty in Sound Future strategy

By Emma Loenicker After the campus-wide town hall held on Nov. 16, many students, faculty, and staff were left with more confusion and frustration than they had felt beforehand. There was a general expectation that this meeting would provide clarity about the Sound Future proposal, and open the door for more transparency from the administration, but instead, the meeting fueled more tension. Many are disheartened by the strategies being used to recover from a looming ten-million-dollar budget deficit. The buyouts being offered to beloved professors and the possibility of program...

Campus wants to connect with Security

By Rowan Baiocchi The Trail reached out to the new director of security, David Ferber, to discuss his vision for the future of Security Services but he, unfortunately, was unavailable due to a personal matter. The Trail hopes to feature Ferber soon. The recent departure of long-time director of security Todd Badham presents a perfect opportunity to reflect on how the campus community views Security Services. In an effort to identify common general campus sentiments towards the program, The Trail interviewed students on campus to ask them some questions about...
Arts & Events

Troy the Hillian: a captivating exploration of the value of theater

By Henry Smalley Dr. Wind Dell Woods’ workshop production of his original script “Troy The Hillian” is a play that produces big laughs and even bigger ideas. The play is set in a far-future, post-apocalyptic society whose entire culture has changed. With limited knowledge of our current understandings of race, power and language, a group of three actors, two scholars, a poet, a stage manager and a director attempt to put on a performance of August Wilson’s Fences, a play which deals heavily in those concepts. As they work through...
Arts & Events

RPI lecture: Whiteness as a barrier to racial liberation

By Audrey Davis, Editor in Chief Friday, Nov. 4, marked the Race and Pedagogy Institute’s 20th anniversary on the University of Puget Sound Campus. Whiteness: A Primer on the Core Barrier to Racial Liberation, a lecture from Dr. Nolan Cabrera brought the campus community together for further exploration of the juxtaposition of the two fundamental words – race and pedagogy– and how whiteness continues to live and act within higher institutions. “What does it mean that we keep having people apologize for ignorance, saying ‘we’re sorry, we didn’t know better’?”,...
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