From the Desk of the Editor: State of the Trail

By Andrew Benoit, Editor-in-Chief A not so closely guarded secret of The Trail is the comprehensive digitized archive of our publication dating all the way back to 1895, when the student newspaper was called Ye Recorde. Back then, the University called itself “Puget Sound University” and would hop from new campus to new campus four times as it struggled with constant financial woes. The Ottoman Empire still existed, the Lumiere brothers had only just invented movies, and the first professional football game had just been played. Our archives preserve a...
The Happy Trail

The “Discovery” of Male Birth Control: Science or Culture?

Male birth control has been a popular topic of late as a new male birth control pill called TDI-11861 was introduced in February of 2023. This new pill lowers the mobility of sperm and renders them unable to fertilize an egg. This pill will allow for male fertility to be chosen day-to-day, as full fertility will return 24 hours after the pill has been taken, and has shown success in preventing conception in mice. There have been a variety of responses to this relatively new development on and off social...
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