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Logger Ladies Tie PLU

This past week on Sept. 13, the Puget Sound women’s soccer team had a dramatic and surprising game against local rivals, Pacific Lutheran University. The sun was bright and the fans in the stands were ecstatic as the game began.
Within the first 15 minutes Lauren Larson of PLU took several quick opportunities to score, leaving the Logger ladies surprised but not discouraged with a score of 2-0. This score lasted for the rest of the first half, with many attempted scores by  Puget Sound.
Every attempt to score in the first half was unfortunately thwarted, whether it involved too strong of a kick, a slightly uneven kick or a determined PLU goalie there to catch the flying soccer ball.
A sigh of frustration and annoyance spread through the crowd every time the ball got minutely close to hitting the goal net.
Feet were moving fast across the field constantly as the possession of the ball flipped between teams.
For the majority of the game, though, Puget Sound had possession of the ball.
The minor breaks in possession were what allowed Larson to score. These two goals misled a lot of fans, who thought maybe PLU was going to come out on top this time.
Both goalies constantly made saves that excited the fans. These girls worked extremely hard to prevent many goals from being scored, while keeping the fans excited and alert.
During halftime many fans were discouraged, already predicting the outcome of the game, but the fans were definitely surprised to see the Loggers make an amazing comeback.
The game heated up after halftime, with the Loggers putting in a lot of effort to make a comeback. The girls were very competitive after halftime, making a huge effort to take control of the game.
The Loggers pushed the ball and kept possession constantly in the second half, really fighting to come out on top.
The crowd was extremely supportive, throwing out Logger cheers and chants throughout the game. This school pride definitely gave the soccer team some extra confidence to come back into the game with a lot of spirit and drive.
This extra spirit and drive helped surprise everyone when, in the second half, freshman Amalia Acorda-Fey from Seattle, Wash. scored a goal, her fourth so far this year, giving the team even more of an incentive to fight back.
Around 10 minutes later, another goal was scored, this time by sophomore Robin Viera from Seattle, Wash.
These two ladies helped tie the score up 2-2, putting the game into overtime, and eventually double overtime.
In overtime, junior Rosie Jaye from La Jolla, Calif. pitched a last effort to score, narrowly missing a goal that could have won the game.
Overall the game was extremely riveting, leaving many fans on the edge of their seats. The Loggers made a huge comeback in the second half, working extremely hard to come out on top.
The final score, 2-2, left players and fans alike discouraged, but the Logger ladies definitely need to be commended for their intense fight to beat PLU.