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Dinosaur Feathers’ Whistle Tips just in time for summer

Dinosaur Feathers may be one of the sweetest bands you’ve never heard of.

Their first album, Fantasy Memorial, boasted some catchy tunes but never became very popular.

With summer approaching, Dinosaur Feathers’ brand of sunny indie rock-pop may finally have its time to shine.

Their latest record, Whistle Tips, is a jangly feel-good compilation of fresh material. The band has a knack for upbeat melodies and serious lyrical prowess; it’s that technique that sets Dinosaur Feathers apart from blander beach bands.

The first track, “Young Bucks,” is one of the strongest numbers on the album. It’s sing-songy, but the melody is tightly controlled and this combination makes it irresistible.

Dinosaur Feathers sounds like surf rock’s tougher cousin and the result is lighthearted material with an edge.

“Certain Times” is another standout track. Vocalist Greg Sullo flexes his chops on a soaring piece that should ring true with any young person in their twenties. This jazzy number, showcasing some fine electric guitar licks, sounds like an open letter to the parents of graduating college seniors everywhere.

And the chorus is just fantastic: “Cuz I don’t have a place to call my own, and I don’t see a way to find one. I make so many plans that fall behind, but I guess it’s a sign of these certain times.”

“Cure for Silence” rocks a little harder than the rest of the album. It also sounds like it could have been plucked from The Thermals’ catalogue. Dinosaur Feathers’ newest addition, an actual drum set instead of a drum machine, becomes particularly noticeable.

Dinosaur Feathers is, at times, a theatrical indie band.

“Beatcha” demonstrates the band’s affinity for slamming verses, intense buildups and dramatic, sweeping choruses. Sullo hollers, “You’ve got a lot of nerve” on repeat in varying degrees of emotion, but instead of being overkill, it’s actually pretty easy to get swept away with the enthusiasm of the band.

Dinosaur Feathers never excessively tugs at the listener’s heartstrings and that’s a quality that keeps them from being, well, annoying.

If you’re a music fan who has a penchant for high quality sunshine rock, then Whistle Tips is a must-hear.

This isn’t a perfect album; the band still needs to expand their range and push themselves out of their musical comfort zone, but it is a worthwhile listen.

With music festival season upon us, I predict that Dinosaur Feathers will be a fan favorite. They’ve got the energy, and are just unique enough, to perform an excellent mid-day set at any outdoor venue.


Grade: B

Dinosaur Feathers has no show dates currently scheduled in Seattle. For more information about the band, visit