Admissions redesigns website to target new students

When the layout of the Puget Sound website changed almost two years ago, this prompted more departmental changes from within the University. The admissions office has been working on redesigning their webpage that is targeted towards admitted students.

Four years ago, when the current seniors were deciding to attend Puget Sound, there was a discussion board on Cascade that allowed only the deposited students to talk amongst one another.

Today, there are many more resources for admitted students, not just deposited students.

Therefore, prospective students can communicate with one another, current students, professors and staff.

The group of students and staff working on the project has deemed themselves the “Student Web Team.”

Alayna Schoblaske, along with other students involved in the Campus Visit and Overnight Program (CVP), has been directly involved in the revamping of the website. One of the newest features on the Admission’s page is the “Chalkboard” application.

Accepted students can type a question onto the chalkboard and within a day or so the question will be answered by a student or staff person from the CVP.

Schoblaske remarked that this new “Welcome Website” is much better than the discussion board on Cascade that students once used to ask questions after they had decided to attend.

“We are able to answer questions and concerns accepted students have about the University while also being able to point them in the right direction. This is something that the discussion board was unable to do.”

Assistant Director of Admission and the staff member in charge of the project Martha Wilson said that the new website and features “have a lot of student voice, which is something the old discussion board did not.”

The new “Welcome Website” is not completely finished yet, but Wilson has great hopes for its completion next year when the student members can work on it beginning in September.

Both Schoblaske and Wilson discussed the idea of improving Puget Sound’s YouTube channel to make the campus more viewable to students who may not be able to visit campus before deciding to attend. The Student Web Team is planning to make a virtual tour, much like the tours they give every day on campus. However, this project will not be completed until the Class of 2016 is admitted.

“We are the first students to be brought into work on the Admission’s website,” Schoblaske said.

“I think we have really helped to expand the website. It is easier to navigate and has a good interface,” Schoblaske added.

Wilson agrees that involving students in the redesign of the website has been great because “they are helping to bring all the resources into one place and help to insert the student voice into the website.”