Fitness Center partially reopens

Photo Courtesy Makaylaa Clancy
Photo Courtesy Makaylaa Clancy

By Tyler Randazzo

The new area of the fitness center, renovated as part of the broader Memorial Fieldhouse renovations, opened on Monday, Feb. 8.

The new room adds more area to the existing fitness center and features new cardio equipment.

“Once the remodel of the existing fitness area is finished, the two spaces will connect and substantially more new equipment will be added,” Director of Athletics Amy Hackett said.

Hackett added that once both parts of the fitness center are open, the room will have a more functional layout.

The rest of the Fieldhouse renovations, including the new aquatics center and climbing wall, will continue to open in the coming months.

The climbing wall construction is ongoing. “I don’t have a firm date on implementation. There was a little bit of a delay in ordering the actual materials…so that’s in progress,” Hackett said.

“As for the aquatics center, construction is well underway,” Hackett said.

“It will likely be the last space to open, as there are many mechanical aspects that make the construction of the pool a long process. The pool will be open sometime this summer,” Hackett said.

“Everything will be operational at the start of the next academic year,” Hackett said.