Diversions’ new look receives positive feedback from student body


Here at the University of Puget Sound, there are a wide selection of study spots, each possessing its own unique vibe that students can choose from to focus on the daily grind of homework. Diversions Cafe has always been a hot spot on campus, but more recently has gained popularity due to its new makeover. Whether the goal is late night studying, an early morning coffee date, or a simple hangout with a friend, Diversions is the place to be.

Some may wonder the reasoning behind the renovations of the cafe since it was already such a popular place. However, almost every person makes comments about the new layout providing so much more space than before, creating a more accessible environment.

The layout behind the counter is more efficient for the baristas as we have much better, streamlined work flow. It allows us to “double bar,” when two baristas work together on a drink or a succession of drink orders. We can be quicker and more efficient when one worker focuses on pulling shots and the other steams milk and passes out beverages,” Manager of the Campus Cafes and The Cellar, Paige Phillips said.

Phillips draws attention to the point that customer service was a large reason for the renovation in addition to the need for a makeover.

The new changes added to Diversions have spurred endless amounts of positive feedback from the customers and staff.

“The big pieces of reaction that we hear [are] how much bigger the space looks and feels,” Phillips said. With just a few small adjustments and fresh appliances, the cafe possesses a fresh vibe of rejuvenation that is inviting to the entire campus.

“I think the new layout provides the perfect blend of space for socializing and studying,” first year student Gabrielle Kolb said. Kolb is a frequent customer at Diversions and appreciates the new changes that have been made to the atmosphere. “Diversions has never had a ton of space to work with, but they have optimized the space that they do have [with the new changes],” she said. Kolb is one of many students that are enjoying the renovation that has been done to the cafe, and like others, notices that the new use of space is the most appreciated change.

“It seems like it works out better for the people working behind the counter because there’s more space and it looks nicer too,” Olivia Burke, another first year student and frequent customer at the cafe, said.

With only a few small alterations, Diversions has evolved its already vibrant atmosphere into an even more social hub. The combination of coffee, rainy days, and upbeat music is too much to resist for Puget Sound students.

As far as further renovation plans go for Diversions, there is no set timeline or urgent need for any touch-ups. In the meantime, students are encouraged to bask in the positive energy that emanates from the doors of the most happening place at the University of Puget Sound.

Article by Emma Brice