Re: [DL] List Removal – GREATEST HITS!

On the afternoon of May 12, Students at Puget Sound started getting some weird emails from a “Diversity List” email address on behalf of other students wanting to be taken off the list. Confused yet? I know I am. Anyway, here is a sampling of the greatest hits!
  • “Seriously? What is going on right now? Please remove me from this list. And as a further, note to people who want to be removed do not hit reply all like I am right now (as an example). Just send it to the original sender.”
  • “Not sure why this was sent to me-  I asked to be removed from this list ages ago, and now randomly am having other people’s requests to be removed redirected into my inbox. I don’t have anything to do with this diversity emailing thing :/”
  • “Not to sound ignorant as I honestly do support diversity, but I would like to be removed from this list please”
  • “Another of 20 that arrived in my e mail box….”
  • “Tons of these notices appear on my computer for some reason it appears more people want off the list than on !!!!!!!”
  • “you need to figure out how to have people not copy all”
  • “Same thing and I have no idea either”
  • “Again.  Please let me know how to get off this list.”
  • “Please remove me from this list serve.  The unsubscribe web page cannot be found (at least by me) and I am receiving a lot of spurious emails as a result of being on this list.”