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Back on air: an update from KUPS’s general manager

KUPS is back on air after a summer hiatus that included exciting new construction projects, the creation of new Core Staff positions and a move to expand programming hours for the Fall semester.

With the start of a new academic year comes the influx of club activity and sign-ups.

KUPS has dove right back in to campus life with an eventful Log Jam, a jam-packed interest meeting in Rausch Auditorium on Sept. 9 and tabling in the Wheelock Student Center on Fridays at lunch.

It seems that many are excited about The Sound coming back on air.

“Fall is one of the most exciting times for KUPS, we have a really good set of returning DJs and a great crop of new talent ready to hit the airwaves. On top of that we’ve recently been able to acquire some state-of-the-art equipment that will allow us to sound the best we possibly can,” Assistant Programmer Liam O’Mahoney said.

Last year, KUPS worked to expand its presence both on campus and off through the development of In-Studio performances and collaborations with local musicians.

KUPS also held its first pledge drive last spring under the guidance of former General Manager Kim Clancy ’14. The funds raised have allowed the station to invest in new equipment. To start this year off, the station has prioritized community involvement and diverse programming through the creation of two new positions to add to the team: In-Studio Director and Local Music Director.

Senior Logan Miller has been an integral part in the development and implementation of on-air performances and interviews since his sophomore year as the Loud Rock Music Director.

He is the first In-Studio Director and has been working diligently with various members of the station to book performances.

In relation to why KUPS has chosen to expand this part of operations, Miller said “In-Studios give KUPS a lot of character because not only are they a chance for the station to take full advantage of their resources but they are hosted, facilitated, and run completely by our student staff. You can hear a band you like play live but you can also hear your friend interview them. Plus, they are also open to the public.”

A major element of KUPS’s dedication to live performances is a refocus towards the local music scene.

The increased attention to northwest music was spearheaded last spring by Jeanne-Marie Joubert, who recognized an opportunity for the station to become much more actively involved in the vibrant community we all live in.

Joubert plans to work directly with DJs of all genres to connect them with local music and events that are appropriate for their specific interests.

The station is also working towards holding more community-based events at local venues or pizza shops where KUPS can provide a forum that introduces students to local bands and music-oriented endeavors.

The station received a much needed and appreciated face-lift that included new carpeting, painting and storage.

All the music directors have been busy the last few weeks working diligently on the organization of 1000s of CDs which has been a great way for all of staff to familiarize themselves with the history of the station and its integral role on campus for the last 46 years.

KUPS was back on air starting Monday, Sept. 22 at 7 a.m. with new DJs, first-year students Hannah Houser and Chloe Pearson.

You can find KUPS The Sound at 90.1 FM or stream online at and iTunes.