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Last night’s Underground Sound performance

The voice of one of Puget Sound’s very own a cappella groups, Underground Sound, brought a free concert to the student body in Kilworth Memorial Chapel on Thursday, April 10 at 7:30 p.m. The students prepared for this performance for the entire semester while under the instruction of sophomores Lisa Hawkins and Daniel Wolfert, co-directors of the group.

The students of Underground Sound made their concert truly unique from past performances.

“Every song, with the exception of our ‘tradition song’ that we sing every spring, [was] arranged by one of our members. Until these past couple years, most songs were professionally arranged, so this performance [showcased] the musical abilities of the group in a variety of ways,” co-director Hawkins said.

In addition to showcasing vocal talents, the concert also featured the exposition of the song-writing skill of one of the members. “We [had] an original composition, written and arranged by our co-director Daniel Wolfert, [that was] performed for the first time. That’s something that hasn’t been done before,” Hawkins said.

Talent aside, the concert was geared toward giving the student body a chance to relax and enjoy themselves at a performance by their peers.

“The purpose of this concert [was] to provide the campus community with a free event in which they [could] enjoy the musical styling of their fellow students, and take pride in student run organizations. We also [always] want to make the audience smile by being goofy and singing songs they can hum along to. The bottom line is to have fun!” Hawkins said.

Underground Sound certainly achieved their goal as they enthralled their audience with various song stylings. Their performance included a riveting Disney medley, “Unconditionally,” by Katy Perry and a U2 mashup.

As the talented students of Underground Sound take a break from concert preparation, Puget Sound students would be well-advised to put this performance group on their watch-list. Their next concert will be at the Drag show on April 18th, and if last night is any indicator of the talent and preparation that will go into their next performance, students should look for upcoming news on Underground Sound’s next exposition.