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New club “Campus Cursive” encourages more letter writing

Officially approved by ASUPS on March 28, Campus Cursive revitalizes the art of letter writing and incorporates into it random acts of kindness throughout the campus. Shelley Stephan, the founder of the club, was inspired to start this club during finals week her sophomore year. “ stumbled upon the website, where posted on the website was a love letter to college students,” Stephan said. Finding ease in conveying her own feelings by expressing herself through letters and journals, Stephan was touched by the genuine care expressed in the letter....
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Decibel Festival provides much more than just consecutive concerts

On Sept. 26 through Sept. 30 a new community will be fostered. Not a community of solely musicians, disc jockeys, or recording technicians, but a community of artists. This community will develop under the umbrella of the Decibel Festival. Decibel is much more than a music festival, it is a growth opportunity for consumers and creators of any media. Along with an impressive line-up of over 100 musical artists, Decibel provides showcases, workshops, conferences, and visual media installations. “What’s cool is that it takes over the city,” KUPS general manager...
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Laura Marling, Andrew Bird delight

Two very darling soft-spoken musical artists occupied the Paramount stage in Seattle on April 9. Andrew Bird and Laura Marling delighted the crowd with their sets, with Marling opening for Bird. All audience members felt the anticipation of the concert as they waited for it to commence. When the house lights dimmed and the stage lights came up, gasps and enthusiastic applause emerged from the crowd. British folk artist Laura Marling timidly sauntered on stage and uttered a quaint hello to the crowd before beginning her songs. Marling’s rich and...
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Extremely powerful and incredibly sad

The movie adaptation of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is hard to watch for those who have read the book—and for those who have not. The movie as a whole is thoroughly depressing and consistently uses 9/11 to evoke strong and deeply tragic emotions. The plot of the film Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close revolves around the Schell family. The father, Thomas Schell, is killed on 9/11, leaving behind 9-year-old Oskar and his mother. Oskar, in his grief and desire to learn more about his dead father, discovers a key...
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