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Men’s basketball looking to improve on last year’s season

  As a new season dawns on the Logger basketball team, there seems to be a new light on the success of our program. After a 9-16 overall record, the basketball team is looking to make several improvements to be more competitive in the Northwest Conference (NWC) this year. There are many things that are going to differentiate this year’s team from last year’s, the first of which is the incoming freshmen. This year was a large recruiting class for freshmen, with 10 talented players. This freshman class includes three...
Arts & Events

Theta’s Rock the CASA tonight

By MEGAN EVANS   Tonight, Kappa Alpha Theta is hosting their first “Rock the CASA” event. Seven bands will compete in a variety of categories, some determined by judges while others will be determined by the audience. Five of the bands-Harshmellow, Young Ones, Rhinoceros Rex, Heart Strings and The Harlequins-include students from Puget Sound. The other two are Tacoma bands, Velocity and Wilde at Heart. The bands cover a wide range of musical genres, from acoustic  to rock. “The goal is to make this a casual event that everyone feels...

Government unable to create jobs

The recent political debates have unearthed a large number of unrealistic assumptions people make about government. The most ridiculous one of all is the idea that the government creates jobs. This mantra actually harms workers, threatening at every stage to prioritize businesses over people. Short of hiring people for government jobs, which raises taxes, a government responsibility that is typically violently opposed by the more fiscally conservative politicians in Washington, the government cannot directly affect unemployment rates. What they can do, however, is deregulate markets while providing incentives or tax...

Puget Sound students should ‘green’ their way of life

Many of the current advocates for increasing domestic oil production argue that it would make the U.S. energy independent and increase jobs. Well, there is another market that can do all that, and help ensure we will have a planet to live on, too. More importantly, we can have a impact on its success. Clean energy is taking off, but not at a pace that will help us avoid major environmental disasters. It is well within our power to lessen the negative effects of global warming and delegate responsibility so...

University should institute compost program

The “One ” campaign has many goals, including ensuring that Puget Sound can continue to offer grants and scholarships, diversifying research done by both students and faculty and improving our student engagement. However, the school is failing to uphold one of the promises they make to prospective students, and it casts a shadow on the credibility of their commitment to make improvements throughout the campus community. One of the major draws for students to the Puget Sound campus is the idea that “Loggers live green.” Unfortunately, it is pretty obvious...
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