Professor Spotlight: Professor Zuckerman, the Philosophy Department’s newest addition

By EMILY ALFIN JOHNSON   A visiting professor in the Philosophy department for 2012-2013, Professor Nate Zuckerman spoke with me about how he came to Puget Sound, what it is like to be a visiting faculty member and how he spends his free time his first year in the Pacific Northwest. Where are you from originally? Northern Virginia. I got to grow up on the East Coast, go to school in the middle of the country on the third coast and now work out here. I had never been out...

Professor Spotlight: Asian Studies’ Jan Leuchtenberger

For this entry in the Professor Spotlight series, I spoke with Associate Professor of Japanese Jan Leuchtenberger who returned from sabbatical this past spring, about her personal history, how she came to teach Japanese literature and how she spends her time outside the classroom. Where are you from originally? I was born in Massachusetts, but I never lived anywhere longer than six years till I came here. I have also lived on Long Island, Lema, Peru, then back to New England and Japan. But being here has been nice because...

Honors film series

Each fall, as the sun finally makes way for the autumn cloud cover and campus settles in for the semester, the season of film festivals begins with gusto. One of the most anticipated festivals this season is the Honors Film Series, whose 2011 Series on the post-apocalypse included Wall-E, Shaun of the Dead and Delicatessen, and left campus eagerly awaiting this year’s installment. I sat down with this year’s student director, Ariana Scott-Zechlin, who is organizing the Honors Film Series for the third year, to talk about the work that...

Third annual Book Collecting Contest to award cash prizes

In college it seems like all books ever do are collect dust on our dorm room shelves or clutter our backpacks, but what if in that mess of text books and paperbacks there was $1000? For the last three years, the Collins Memorial Library has essentially been doing just that. The annual Book Collecting Contest, encourages students at the University to develop a deeper appreciation of print material and the value of owning such works, by encouraging them to find a collection out of what they may have at school...

When the price is right for sustainability in the cafeteria

After a semester or two of living off SUB food, it can become easy to forget how impressive our dining services are in comparison to many other colleges and universities across the country.  Although we seldom come across anything like the cafeteria from Animal House, it can all seem rather daunting when you are running low on new ways to make use of rice, chicken and whatever can be found at the Full Fare station. Even by modern standards, the Puget Sound community hardly has much to complain about, especially...
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