Citation project researches plagiarism

Recently, the Internet news site Inside Higher Ed reported on a new study called the Citation Project. This study analyzed research papers written by first-year students at a variety of different colleges. The Citation Project concluded that college students are not synthesizing their information, that they are not citing or paraphrasing information correctly and that their papers often include too many quotes. Researchers for the study sorted each piece of information found in student papers into four categories: exact copying, “patchwriting” (copying a piece of information with vary limited changes,...

Wal-Mart faces gender discrimination charges

The Supreme Court has recently heard a case concerning gender discrimination in Wal-Mart stores across the United States. On Mar. 29 the class action suit—Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., v. Betty Dukes, Et Al.—was argued before the Supreme Court. While the case centers on gender discrimination in promoting and paying female employees, the main issue of this case is whether or not female Wal-Mart employees constitute a single class of people with the authority to sue a major corporation. “Every store, the District Court found... managers are provided with the same level...

Senior gift donations garner mixed reactions

This year, the Senior Class Gift Committee has been working very hard to promote and educate students about the Senior Class Gift Campaign. According to the staff liaison to the Senior Class Gift Committee and Director of Annual Giving Abbie Larson, for the past six years the Senior Class Gift Committee—which consists of 40 seniors—has been asking seniors to make a “five-year pledge.” This includes donating $5 this year, $10 in 2012, $15 in 2013, $20 in 2014 and $25 in 2015, making for a total of $75. According to...

Peace Corps recognizes involvement

Puget Sound has once again found its way onto the top 10 list of small colleges and universities that generate volunteers for the Peace Corps, revealed a Puget Sound press release. According to the Peace Corps’ “Top Colleges 2011” list, this year Puget Sound ranked number eight in its category with a total of 21 undergraduate alumni currently volunteering. The Peace Corps classifies a small college and university as having less than 5,000 undergraduate students. According to the Puget Sound press release, the Loggers have ranked in the top 10...
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