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Annual Town Crier kicks off Puget Sound theater

The “town crier” will speak again Oct. 6 at 7:30 p.m., kicking off the annual Town Crier Speaks festival.

Six student-written plays will be performed in Rausch Auditorium Oct. 6, 7 and 8 at 7:30 p.m. Students are given ample chance to attend this student-run festival.

Town Crier is in association with Student Theatre Productions (STP) and is entirely student-produced. The Town Crier has proven to be a good production for all levels of experience and all years to get involved.

Freshman director Maddie Faigel provides a good example of this.

“It’s all overwhelming, but it is a chance to be in charge. Directing is a head start to get my foot in the door,” Faigel said.

The Town Crier lends itself to a tight knit community of directors, producers and actors.

“It was interesting coming in as the only freshman into a group of best friends. It is a great community,” Faigel said, commenting on her experience after entering her first Town Crier meeting.

Freshmen are given an opportunity to interact on a fun and friendly level with upperclassmen and begin their participation in the theater community. Upperclassmen are able to showcase their ability or attempt something they never have before.

Within each category of writers, directors and actors there is always someone who has never been involved in one capacity or another.

Every year the festival allows someone to expand out of his or her normal comfort zone.

Faigel chose her piece just for that reason. She hoped to move away from what she was comfortable with in her theater experience.

“I wanted something challenging to direct,” Faigel said, reflecting on why she chose “The Answer,” a play written by student Ben Christie, who is also directing this year.

Town Crier is not only a great experience for those involved, but also it promises to be a great one for those who attend.

Audiences are ensured a dynamic variety of shows within the festival.

The plays’ tones range from dark comedy to all-out drama, allowing each audience member to run the gambit of emotions while being thoroughly entertained.

“It’s good for the audience member with a short attention span,” Faigel said.

With six short plays to run through every performance, the audience can be easily engaged with the consistent change of pace throughout the show.

The Town Crier is one of the best ways to start out this year’s theater season.

It is geared equally toward those who are not familiar with theater and those who live for it.

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