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Getting The Most for your Dining Bucks

One of the more exciting perks of having an on-campus student job with Dining and Conference Services is the ability to spend staff points each day you work, depending on how many hours are clocked in that day. In general, most students receive either two or four dining dollars per […]


Are the olympics worth a rainforest?

“Ecological Holocaust” spans the width of a homemade banner outside a hotel in Copacabana, Brazil. “IOC go home, you are nature killers,” yells a protester as the International Olympic Committee emerges. High-tempered encounters like these between environmental protesters and the Olympic Committee have come to be known by the media […]


Student Artists Pursue Art Abroad

This summer, artists Haley Andres, Abbie Baldwin and Kristan Schuford were awarded grants that allowed them to pursue their craft while living abroad in Germany for three months.  A fourth student, Luc Sokolsky, spent the time in Budapest, learning the trade of art curation. With the exception of Andres, the […]

Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert in Life Itself. (PHOTO COURTESY/MAGNOLIA PICTURES)
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New On Netflix

  Netflix, one of America’s favorite video streaming services, is constantly adding new content and, if you’re someone with a $7.99/month membership, you probably know how overwhelming the “new arrivals” section is. Here are six recommendations—from TV shows, to stand-up specials, to good old fashioned three-act-structure movies, to documentaries, to […]

In need of protection
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In need of protection


Giving a Voice to the Undocumented

Living in Tacoma, you may be unaware that down in the Port among the factories and toxic zones is the country’s fourth-largest detention center housing hundreds of detainees, many of whom are undocumented people from Mexico, South America and Central America. Whether or not Tacoma residents were previously aware of […]


Now is the time for a mixed-race dialogue

Conversations about race both on and off campus have been going on for a while. On campus, a new dialogue about mixed race has started. In navigating the many complexities of race, people of mixed race have the unique ability to identify with different ethnic identities. Being of mixed race […]

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I Don’t Mind

Positioned at number 11 on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts, Usher’s hit song “I Don’t Mind” features rapper Juicy J as Usher serenades a stripper. “Shawty I don’t mind/ If you dance on a pole, it don’t make you a ho,” Usher croons on the chorus, proceeding to inform his […]

The Northwest Detention Center
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The Northwest Detention Center

Placed amidst warehouse buildings and set to a dramatic backdrop of the downtown Tacoma skyline and Mt. Rainier, sits the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC). The NWDC lies within four miles of campus, yet most students are unaware that behind a 20-foot-high fence detained immigrants await their immigration proceedings. As Kelsee […]


Undocumented Students’ Experience at Puget Sound

In 2011, the year Mariana Molina ‘14 marticulated at the University of Puget Sound, the Undocumented Students Work Group (USWG) delivered policy recommendations to the President’s Cabinet in an effort to combat the various problems that undocumented students face at the University. Since those recommendations, professors at Puget Sound have […]