By Sara Orozco Hello Logger DJs and other folks interested in the wild world of KUPS; we have good news! The programming schedule for Spring 2023 has been completed thanks to the persistent and hard work of your music directors. All the genres worked tirelessly in the last two weeks, compiling applications and conducting interviews to assemble this semester’s show list. You can find our nifty little schedule in this edition of the Trail. DJs are also encouraged to look at some new Underwriters we’ve set up this semester. Some...
The Happy Trail

George Washington University & Plan B vending machines

By Amelia Pooser Following the reversal of Roe v. Wade, legislation and public action are continuing to adapt. Recently, George Washington University in Washington D.C. responded to the Supreme Court ruling by making strides to support their womb-bearing students by providing accessible and private access to morning-after pills. In early February of this year, George Washington University installed a vending machine in the basement of their student center that sells Plan B, Advil, condoms, and other health necessities. Each pack costs around $30 on-campus compared to the $50 price tag...
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