Cross-department shortages create domino effect in the Diner

By Nikki Hindmam   From early morning breakfast to late night snacks, the Diner is open for our students to feast at. Although we are slowly starting to see a return to normalcy from COVID-19, the Diner still struggles with a pandemic-related staff shortage. Unlike other locations on campus such as Diversions or Oppenheimer Café, the Diner hires full-time non-student workers. I sat down with Rutie MacKenzie-Margulies, a full-time staff worker at the Diner, to ask about her experiences. When she was a student, she worked in the Cellar until she...
Combat Zone

Logger Chats

By Grizz's Toe “I feel like I have no friends on this campus. Everyone has their own little cliques and it feels like I was late to the making friends party. What do I do?”   The more people you talk genuinely to on this campus, the more lonely you realize everyone is.  No seriously, no one has friends, it’s all one big facade. So don’t worry, be happy. Jk Jk, sort of… anyway, in all honesty, “finding your people” takes time, and a lot of that time sucks. You really...
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