Cost-effective green alternative to grocery stores

As the semester begins to pick up steam and the clouds recede, hinting at a future of warmer days, the routine of classes, work and life seems to be setting in for all of us. Amongst all of this, it has never seemed easy to be “green” or “sustainable” while trying to subsist off of what can be retrieved at the S.U.B. between classes. For those of us lucky enough to have the time (or energy) to fend for ourselves and schlep to the grocery store, the bounds of our...

Hunger in the first world: Library trades food for fines

It is a right of passage for every wannabe graduate to begrudgingly trudge to the Collins Memorial library, shuffle to the information desk and assess the damage of four years of forgotten fines. Many get off scott-free after years of diligently returning their items on time, but for some it can be more painful than the arrival of the tuition bill each year. However, every fall, in the spirit of the holidays, the library waives fees for every canned or dry item food patrons donate. It is easy to see...

Vendettas, Wall Street, and 5 Nov.

It’s been 406 years since Guy Fawkes and 12 co-conspirators were arrested for attempting to blow up the British House of Lords in London, yet something about Guy Fawkes and the 5th of November still captivates us all these years later. Perhaps it is because in our own country there is currently a large group of people protesting inequality, who empathize with such characters throughout history. Or maybe it is because modern media commercialized the sentiment with movies and comics like V for Vendetta, establishing them as just another part...

Puget Sound in running for vegan-friendly title

For most students, it is a footnote in the admission information we leaf through when we first visit campus, but Puget Sound’s status as one of the most vegan-friendly schools in the nation means much more then just another way to sway prospective students. Puget Sound has a loud and proud vegetarian community, within which is a strong group of vegan students trying to sustain themselves through campus meal options. Some universities rarely provide food beyond a salad bar and grill station, but our dining center is significantly more diverse....
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