@upsmissedconnections Targeted in Antitrust Lawsuit for Monopolizing Campus Gossip

By Walter Marmite Ubiquitous Instagram account @upsmissedconnections, a central online destination for the University of Puget Sound student body, was named in an antitrust lawsuit filed on Thursday, over perceived “monopolization of both on-campus communication and the libido of the student community.” The plaintiffs — the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), @ups.parties, @ups_sex_confessions, @ups.get.yo.freak.on, @ ups_tea_spillage, @ups_hot_person_sighted and @ ups_rate_my_professor_on_their_looks — specifically allege that @upsmissedconnections has stifled the market and made it impossible for smaller accounts who are focused primarily on promoting off-campus events, spreading salacious and unverifiable stories, or anonymously...
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