Professor Spotlight

Ever  wondered what your professor’s nicknames are? How about  their favorite memory from their college years? Well Loggers, now is your chance to find out. Each week we will feature a new professor and highlight little-known tidbits that everyone is anxious to know.

Lydia Fisher

Nickname: None that I’m willing to divulge here.

Professor of: English

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Known for its three rivers and lots of hills. You can get a gargantuan deli sandwich there with French fries and coleslaw on it. Kind of yucky, in my opinion.

Favorite food (S.U.B. or not): I’ve got the cereal habit bad.

Kids/Pets: Sylas, 5 months old. Otter, a black and white cat with about 6 teeth left. Our neighbor’s Siamese cat, named Muffin Man, basically lives with us because we have a cat door.

Do you drink while grading essays: Only when I’m grading while driving.

Dream vacation spot: Low Divide in Olympic National Park

Favorite music: Lately I’ve been really into 70s glam rock, probably because dealing with diapers and baby puke is so not glam. I’ve also been singing a lot of camp songs for Sylas – the wheels on the bus go round and round—that sort of thing. Great stuff.

Biggest student peeve: I love Puget Sound students. They’re rarely peeve-worthy. But the formal paper with a folded corner in lieu of a real and true staple makes me a bit sad.

Favorite undergrad memory: I went to Vassar College in New York State. One spring break, some friends and I drove 22 hours in shifts to New Orleans in my friend’s old purple Chevy Malibu (if you’ve seen Repo Man, you understand that the Malibu was essential to the adventure). We had no money, so we lived on bagels, and the trip involved chicken pox, a lost gas cap and wallet, a near head-on highway collision with a sleepy truck driver at 4 a.m., and a March snowstorm when we reached New Orleans. But it also ultimately involved Mardi Gras and a New Orleans parade.  On a more academic note, the day I finished my senior thesis and turned it in to my favorite professor was pretty magical.

Back-up career plan: I need to work for the National Park Service at some point.  I want one of those hats.

Fun fact: A group of crows is called a murder.