Maintaining your mental health

As the fall semester continues  and midterms rapidly approach, classes and extra-curricular activities tend to become more stressful.

Because of this stress, sickness and discomfort creep up on many students, lingering in the more vulnerable ones.  Stress and sickness leave students feeling weak, slow and disoriented.

Keeping a healthy mind and body while maintaining stress levels throughout the school year is an extremely important key to every student’s success. Making sure to receive adequate sleep, keep proper eating habits, and reach out for help or advice when needed will help lead to a healthier Logger physically, mentally and emotionally.

Maintaining mental health is a very important aspect to leading a healthy lifestyle. Doing well academically heavily relies on the state of one’s mental health. If you do not have the time and energy to study, you will be more likely to perform poorly academically.

Alternately, if students do not give their brains the energy they need to focus and study, all of their time and effort studying will go to waste.

This pressure to succeed academically leads many to increased stress levels. If a student cannot complete work for a class to the best of his or her ability in a timely matter, there must be many factors that lead up to this problem.

A lack of sleep, for instance, can easily lead to a weaker ability to retain information. For a student to perform at their best mental capability every day, they must receive, at the least, seven hours of sleep each night. The proper amount of sleep will help contribute to students’ academic success, as well as their mental stamina throughout the day.

Eating healthy and maintaining a routine eating schedule is also vital to both physical and mental health. Three meals a day help nourish the mind and body for a long day of classes. Sustaining a well-balanced diet is also important because eating the correct amount of nutrients each day helps fuel the mind and body. Healthy eating is essential to perform one’s best each and every day.

Exercising regularly is also the key to keeping not only a student in a proper physical condition, but in a strong and successful mental condition. Exercising can help increase one’s attention level while also reducing one’s stress level. Physical activity helps prevent depression, while keeping one fit and overall more physically healthy.

Proper fitness patterns are very important in keeping one’s physical and mental condition in good shape. Whether you participate in a sport, frequent the gym or just go for a walk, it is very important to fit exercising into your schedule to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Asking for help or advice when needed is also an extremely smart and important thing to do. There are many people all over campus that would be happy to hear your problems and help you out. Advice or just a listening ear can be exactly what students need to encourage them to strive for success.

Physical as well as mental health are both key factors in keeping college students at their best. Although many students feel they are too busy to keep up with these tasks halfway through the semester, it is important to consider them. These suggestions, if used properly, will most likely help students manage their time and stress levels a little easier. Maintaining good physical and mental health leads to a happier and more relaxed campus for all.

If any student on campus feels stressed or discouraged for any reason, CHWS holds open counselor walk-in hours every weekday from 1 to 2:30 p.m.