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Puget Sound fall fashion trends make their usual mark on campus

Taking advantage of the rare amount of sunshine in the first few weeks of school, Loggers put a hold on the rain boots and Northface jackets and broke out the floral skirts, flip flops and a whole lot of flannel.
With students coming from so many different parts of the world, you can look forward to diversity in fashion across campus.
However, a boho-chic vintage look seems to be dominating the Puget Sound population.
Long, flowing maxi skirts and blazers garnished with large buttons are gaining popularity with girls, while many men are seen wearing plaid flannel, beanies or Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes.
Infinity scarves are a great look for both hot and cold weather and can also be played up with a multitude of clothes.
Adding one to your wardrobe gives any dull ensemble a fresh addition, giving volume to otherwise flat outfits.
Kathryn Endler describes her style as very “laid back and comfortable.”
Endler wears patterned scarves with a white shirt and a cardigan to give her look a bold aspect. The style is seemingly effortless and classic without having to try too hard.
An interesting trend I have noticed around the University is the everyday incorporation of bandanas on necks, backpacks and hair.
Never leaving her room without one, Selin Binay wears them tied into a headband to keep her hair back in a charming way with “simple colored outfits,” as she describes, to highlight her accessories.
“I started wearing them in high school after a group event where everyone had to wear different colored bandanas,” she added.
A rainbow spectrum of boldly colored pants have recently made their way onto Puget Sound’s campus, and with good reason. This fun and simple twist to an everyday outfit can make almost anything a stylish look for the day.
Sporting a cute pair of forest green pants with laced up boots and a distressed long sleeve shirt, Dinah Draluk loves the way bold colored pants “just stand out” and can easily be paired with so many different blouses.
The men of Puget Sound also work very different styles that set them apart from each other.
The timeless combination of thick rimmed glasses, a cardigan, white v-neck, and jeans are prominent features seen on campus.
Fedoras, baseball caps and the occasional beret make up a large part of the male Logger style.
No accessory or style can compare to the most essential item in your closet: a University of Puget Sound sweater.
No matter the age of the sudent, you can find male and female alike decked out in their latest Puget Sound bookstore purchase, rocking their school pride.
It is nearly impossible to resist the urge to check out the rack of maroon and white Logger sweaters from the instant you walk down those stairs.
Puget Sound apparel is a combination of comfort and class in one outfit, which is one of the reasons Loggers look so effortlessly good.
Much more of that apparel will be brought out of the closets for warmth.
With fall’s approach, we can all look forward to comfy sweater weather for the majority of the school year. In light of the coming rain, each sweater will likely be paired with a rain jacket.
University of Puget Sound apparel can be purchased in the basement of Wheelock Student Center in the Puget Sound Bookstore or ordered online at: