Combat Zone

Es Ud. un fanatico de la lucha?

In honor of the superb exhibition of Lucha Libre that took place last weekend in the Fieldhouse, we here at the Trail thought it would be a good time to test your knowledge of Lucha Libre.

1. Lucha Libre wrestlers are known as “luchadores.” What is the English meaning of this word?

a) Lunchables Pizza Pack
b)The Oncoming Maelstrom of Sensualized Battle
c) Logger
d) All of the above

2. Which one of the following is NOT grounds for disqualification?

a) Illegal holds
b) The piledriver maneuver
c) Slapping each other like little girly men
d) Double-teaming the referee

3. 1942 saw the debut of El Santo, a silver-masked luchador who changed the sport. What was one of his accomplishments?

a) Winning an 8-man battle royale
b) Curing polio
c) Being mysterious
d) Convincing a young Javier Bardem to focus on Spanish-language films

4. True or False: Drago Blanco totally deserved to break Corazon del Rey’s focus during the final match by stating his mother and sister were both the same person.

5. Math question: How many luchadores does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

a) 1
b) 2
c) Mexicans? Where?!?
d) No thanks, just the super burrito

If you answered with ‘a,’ Congratulations! You’re correct!
If you answered with ‘b,’ Close, but no cigar.
If you answered with ‘c,’ Congratulations, you’re a closet racist!
If you answered with ‘d,’ not only are you a racist, but you’re also hungry AND stupid! Congratulations, you fail at everything!