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Glee Season 3 boasts significant changes

Listen up, Loggers: throw down your chai tea, kick off your Toms, and take off those non-prescription thick-rimmed glasses. It’s time to talk about “Glee.”


It’s okay, guys. I know you all harbor a deep and abiding love for the most mainstream television show in current existence. Check any TV lounge on campus from 8 to 9 p.m.  on Tuesday nights. Do you believe me yet? Good. Psh, some hipsters you are.


So, now that that is  out of the way, let’s Gleek out.


The hit television show’s third season premiered on Sept. 20 to predictable cries of orgasmic elation from loyal viewers who managed to survive the summer hiatus. Yet also, less predictably, the premiere was met with exclamations of confusion and surprise. Where did Sam and his “trouty mouth” go? Who is that gigantic football player fondling Mercedes? What is “The Glee Project?” Who names their child “Sugar?” Many of our own Puget Sound Gleeks were heard repeating these questions across campus on the days that followed the premiere; but never fear, there are answers to be found.


Season three of “Glee” welcomes significant cast changes: Chord Overstreet, a.k.a. pouty blonde Sam “Trouty Mouth” Evans, chose to leave the show entirely after it was announced that he would not be appearing as a regular cast member in season three . The glee club’s resident diva Mercedes, last seen in season two’s finale holding hands with Sam, has moved on over the summer to the new addition Shane, a football player, portrayed by actor Lamarcus Tinker of “Friday Night Lights” fame. As for Sam, the character has simply moved out of state, as revealed in a single line of dialog in the season premiere.


The second new addition to the “Glee” cast is that of Sugar Motta, a girl with self-diagnosed Asperger’s and a singing voice to shatter glass, portrayed by actress Vanessa Lengies. The character has been described as McKinley High’s new resident bitch in place of Quinn, who has gone full punk in light of her recent Finn-induced heartbreak.


As for the ever-dapper Blaine Anderson, he has officially transferred to McKinley High in order to spend time with his beloved boyfriend Kurt in light of actor Darren Criss’s promotion to series regular.


Several other new characters are slated to join the cast over the course of the season. “The Glee Project,” a reality television show which aired over the summer that aimed to find a new cast member for the show, ended up producing four– Lindsay Pearce, who appeared in the premiere as “in-utero” actress Harmony and rival to Rachel; Damien McGinty, slated to appear as Irish transfer student Rory beginning in episode four; Alex Newell, T.G.P.’s resident drag queen whose part has not yet been announced; and Samuel Larsen, a dreadlocked rocker with an intense smolder, rumored to appear in the second half of the season as a relative of Puck’s.


Aside from cast changes, “Glee” creator and diabolical overlord Ryan Murphy claims that Glee is going back to the basics. Aside from hiring a whole new troop of writers to keep the show’s script more witty and consistent than last year’s slew of slip-ups, he swears that Glee is going back to its season one style, with minimal guest stars and only one tribute episode.


Alright, Logger Gleeks, that’s all I’ve got for you. For updates and spoilers regarding Glee’s third season, be sure to check out; and remember Glee airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. But you are all obsessed, so I am sure you all knew that already.