Goals set for raising Relay for Life funds

One score and six years ago, a Tacoma local by the name of Dr. Gordy Klatt had a go-around our Baker Stadium, running and walking against cancer for 24 hours, according to RelayForLife.org. When circling the track, “Dr. Klatt thought about how others could take part in his mission to fight cancer. He envisioned a 24-hour team relay event that could raise more money to fight cancer.”

It took one man to inspire an international event.

Puget Sound currently has 31 teams set to participate in Relay for Life on April 30, and all are in the process of asking family and friends to contribute to the cause.

“A lot of [fundraising] is individual, sending out e-mails. If $100 is raised by April 1, you get a t-shirt. That’s asking 20 bucks from five family members,” Event Co-Chair Alayna Schoblaske said.

Indeed, this has been top participant senior Giulia Leggett’s strategy. “The fundraising that has worked best for me is just e-mailing. I also think selling baked goods at the S.U.B. has worked well in the past, too,” she said. “I like to have the opportunity to feel that I can directly help the ACS by fundraising, walking and talking about Relay.”

Schoblaske hopes around $38,000 will be collectively raised for Relay, and teams are well on their way thanks to various events.

Take for example Cool Chemistry Kids, led by Jamie Nguyen. As explained by team member KK Parker, “We have specific officers to be Relay team captains. We started last year and want to get people more interested.”

April 1 will see chemistry professors sporting whipping cream facials, part of Pie A Prof. Nguyen’s brainchild is sure to be a hit, and with nominations at $1 a pop, cash flow will be great.

Soap making has been ongoing, and $5 and a milk carton get students an all-access pass to the lab. Within, chemicals and oils are mixed together to form a bar of good smells. “You get to do the whole chemistry thing,” Parker summed up.

As for why Parker is involved, “Relay is a good thing for people to do.”

Greek life is also actively involved with Relay for Life of University of Puget Sound.

Event Co-Chair Alex Gardner had fun as a Relay for Life Team Captain in the past and previewed fraternal fundraising.

Schoblaske herself became a part of Relay two years ago, out of the blue. “The power of Relay is contagious,” she said.

She continued on her team, Gamma Phi Beta and their up and coming bowling hoopla. “It’s happening April 10 and will be open to the whole campus. It will be a certain price, with a certain percentage kickback.”