The Happy Trail

End of semester bucket list!

Illustration credit to Molly McLean
  • Ask your crush out. This is the most obvious bucket list item. What do you have to lose? Time’s a-tickin for you to let the cutie who sits across from you in Geology know that you think they’re a butte (truly, geologists have the best pick up lines! Did you know that there is a mineral called Cummingtonite?). Sure, you run the risk of getting yourself into a situationship from afar over the summer, but it could be worth it. If it doesn’t turn out like you hope, you have the entire summer to retreat and recover.  
  • Approach someone on a dating app. If you’re not going to approach a friend you like in person, hit up a stranger or an acquaintance on Tinder/Grinder/Bumble/etc. It doesn’t take as much courage to shoot someone a silly line but still gives a thrill!  
  • If you’re already seeing someone, try a completely new sexual position with your partner or try getting it in on away from your bed. If you’re not sleeping with anyone or aren’t interested, consider taking Bennett’s advice from earlier this semester and try sleeping naked.
  • In a similar vein, use masturbation or sex as a way to relieve the stress of finals (but make sure you don’t fall into a bout of procrasturbation!)  
  • If you need a study break (or are procrastinating) check out some amazing LGBTQ+ online magazines. My favorite is Autostraddle, a kickass feminist site for lesbian, bisexual or otherwise-inclined women and girls. It includes an enormous amount of content covering pop culture, sex and dating, art, politics and lots of hilarious joke-y material. I also appreciate Autostraddle because it mindfully cultivates a sincere and supportive online community of LGTBQ+ women and nonbinary folks. Another awesome website is ‘them.’ Dubbed “the best of what’s queer,” them. highlights LGBTQ+ art, film, music and activism. It doesn’t have the most gripping creative articles, but it is a great jumping off point for LGBTQ+ internet finds. Finally, if you haven’t already heard of Reductress, I don’t know what you’re doing still reading this list. Even though it isn’t exclusively LGBTQ, this satirical women’s online magazine has some hilarious LGBTQ content. Every single article the site churns out is ridiculous and perfect and will have you quadruple texting articles to all of your friends with, “HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA YOU!”