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Diving into wet dreams: What happens during nocturnal emission

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Dream you are walking up to the pristine waters of Puget Sound. An orca washes onto the shore and you notice a fully erect penis, simply ready to go.

Welcome back after a long weekend of turkey and family feud! Thank god we can finally get back to fulfilling those sexual fantasies of ours. But first, I snuggle into bed with four imaginative Loggers ready to talk about their fresh wet dreams.

“I feel like I have had some really emotional wet dreams, you can’t even place the person, but maybe they are someone from your everyday life,” a Logger who wishes to remain anonymous said. Her fantasy took place on a fun-loving beach town full of surf, sun and sex. “I was wearing an adorable outfit. A cute pair of underwear with hearts on it. … So many different people are around and so much is happening. And then you’re just like, ‘Whoa, do I actually have emotional feelings for this person right now?’”

Another Logger thought wet dreams were the manifestation of sexual desire: “I played God in this dream for this orgasm. I hook up with my ex-girlfriend and her ex-girlfriend. They push me down and tell me we are not going to hook up tonight,” he said. He described himself pinned to the cushiony floor. “I love the neck play. I was wearing a choker — there was just a lot happening. Very good time.”

He was laughing as he walked away from our interview.

Up next is a Logger with a gentle soul. “Most of the time [my wet dreams] aren’t specific. They are just like, ‘Oh, you haven’t had sex in nine months.’ Honestly the dreams are like me and her, and we are just wifed,” this charming Logger said. With a deep breath he leaned back and fixed his hair. “It’s interesting though, because in the dream it’s her but a little bit different.”

My last interviewee and I started talking about how people are different in dreams, as this new Logger said. They looked at me dead in the eyes. “People can be very different in dreams. … My boyfriend turned into a roach. It was disgusting, like from ‘Men In Black.’” This Logger experienced the Wet Nightmare.

“It’s awful. I always come when I’m most afraid,” they said.

I asked for more and they said, “In my dreams I always have a quest or something I need to achieve. I always achieve my goal in the nightmares, or what I want to happen happens. This one time there was an evil red wizard. He lived on the top of the hill we needed to get across. On the other side there was an ocean we would set sail on. We were setting sail when he came for me and locked me in his dungeon.”

They began talking faster. “The dungeon was red-brick and I was chained and he f—-ed me. When I came, I woke up; I always wake up.”

According to a medically-reviewed article on, “A wet dream is when you ejaculate or secrete vaginal fluids during your sleep. Your genitals are hypersensitive during shut-eye time because there’s more blood flow to the area. So if you’re having a dream that’s turning you on, there’s a chance you’ll orgasm and not know it until you wake up.”

The website outlines how sexual active young adults are prone to having wet dreams. The more your body parts think about sex, the more your mind does as well. However, says “sleep orgasms happen more infrequently as you get older. That’s because, unlike during puberty, your hormone levels aren’t out of control.”

Assuming that we have finally gained control over our pubescent hormones, a person’s thoughts control the frequency of their wet dreams. There is no scholarly estimate about the frequency of wet dreams for men and women and, as far as your fellow Loggers are concerned, wet dreams happen. So as you snuggle into bed tonight, prepare to splash in the pool of sexual fantasy.