Tacoma Rainiers to Host Game for Students, Staff

The Rainiers baseball team has partnered with University of Puget Sound to provide a night for Puget Sound affiliates. On April 21, University of Puget Sound students, faculty and alumni are encouraged to attend a Rainiers baseball game at 6:00 p.m. at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma. Tickets are $11.50 each, which includes a ballpark meal.

Business Leadership Program member Lauren Thomas got the idea for the event from her BLP mentor who works for the Rainiers, and decided to reach out to the team.

“Something that the Rainiers cherish as an organization is creating and sustaining partnerships to help build community, and that is why they have partnered with us,” Thomas said.

Thomas also discussed the Rainiers’ involvement with other schools around the state.

“The Rainiers actually have nights like this with other schools such as Washington State University, University of Washington and Pacific Lutheran University. That is why I actually first got the idea for the event,” Thomas said.

This event will provide members of the Puget Sound community with a unique opportunity to get involved in activities off campus but remain engaged with Puget Sound students and faculty.

“The best part of the event, for me at least, will be celebrating the entire Puget Sound community. They call it a non-profit partnership because both the school and the Rainiers benefit from an event like this,” Thomas said.

“I’m from New Mexico, and the Rainiers will be playing the Albuquerque Isotopes, so I thought that was a cool coincidence,” junior Dylan Livermore said.

Thomas hopes the event will bring all the diverse parts of the Puget Sound community together.

“The whole point of the event is not to just watch baseball, but to have a night for just us, and to spend time with friends and make new ones,” Thomas said. “If anyone does that, then I can say we accomplished what we set out to do.”