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Love Attorney: A case of dictophilia

Dear Love Attorney, My husband and I are having some trouble with our sex talk. We’ve tried everything: robot voices, other languages, strings of four letter words interjected with ‘my’ and ‘your’. It all falls flat. The sex is fine, but smut talk just really turns me on. Can you recommend a remedy for our boring old dirty talk? From, Sick of Clean Talk   Dear Clean Talk, In my Viennese law school days, my reading group and I would celebrate the Roman god Bacchus every week by stripping down...
Combat Zone

An Apology from the Editor

Dear Puget Sound Community, Last week, the Combat Zone ran a satirical announcement about a bear-trapping trip from Puget Sound Outdoors (PSO), the school’s outdoor adventure organization. This week, I’ve received over 80 letters, texts, emails, tweets and HEY YOUs alerting me to the fact that the article was offensive and that I should go straight to Hell (which is about three miles south of Greeley, Colo.). In addition to complaints about the tone of the article—which implied that the school’s outdoorsy students are nothing more than passive-aggressive faux-hippies who...
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