‘Orange’: vintage along with current fashions

The city of Tacoma has several exceptional secondhand shops. However, one stands out as remarkably bright and juicy. Orange on Sixth, owned by Laurel Lawson, offers a unique variety of retro resale items that blends the best of past fashions with current styles of clothing. “Vintage clothes are my passion,” Lawson said. In her third year of business this passion has not ceased, and Orange on Sixth continues to bring in great business from around the Tacoma community. However, the location has not always been where it is now. Orange...

Spring break breakdown

What is that? Springtime is in the air? Well, at least March is in the air, which means spring break is nearing for the students at Puget Sound. This also means professors are strategically planning their lesson plans to have a paper due when students return, and said students will likely not have it done until the Sunday before class starts again. However, before the work is to be done there are adventures to be had. Some are venturing home, and some around the world. “I’m going to Belize and...

Study abroad applications finalized for the upcoming year

An air of anticipation hangs over many students on the Puget Sound campus.  Many upperclassmen have applied to study abroad in the coming year and they are anxiously awaiting the results of their applications that were due on Feb. 15. Students applied to schools all over the world, from Tanzania to Denmark. According to the study abroad website, “The Office of International Programs focuses on providing opportunities for International education and fostering an appreciation for cultural diversity at the University of Puget Sound.” The Office of International Programs, located in...

Faculty selection in progress

The University of Puget Sound is preparing itself. The new academic year of 2011 approaches with the exciting buzz of new students, but also new teachers. The English and Theatre departments are losing some beloved professors. However, along with the goodbyes come some exciting hellos to new faculty for both departments. Choosing new faculty for Puget Sound is not an easy task. Professor Peter Greenfield of the English department has been involved with the selection committee for both departments in need of new faculty. “It’s a time-consuming process,”  Greenfield said....
Arts & Events

Fall Revue succeeds

It appears that “The Fall Revue: A Musical Revue in Narrative” presented by Curtain Call has far exceeded expectation. Based on the success of performances put on by the then-called “Up Stage’em,” the prospect that this show would be a winner was doubtful. However, the club was reborn in its fall performance last Sunday. “The Fall Revue” was a musical composed of various songs from well-known musicals, strung together by a hilarious plot written by sophomore Hayley Hilmes.  “There is little opportunity for musical theatre on campus, and people use...
Arts & Events

Debut of professor’s play at Tacoma Little Theatre

“You don’t have to like everything I write,” says the character Josephine in C. Rosalind Bell’s new play “Under the Circumstances.”  This is definitely not an issue with Bell’s riveting play, which recently debuted at the Tacoma Little Theatre. The show depicts the relationship of two writers, one Caucasian and one African American, struggling with the publication of a derogatory epithet of the African American race. Although it is never explicitly stated in the show, the controversy of race is magnified as the negative impacts it can have are exploited....
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