Jack Todd

Jack Todd is a senior from Denver, Colorado and the Editor-in-Chief of The Trail. He is an English (Writing, Rhetoric, and Culture) and Communication Studies double major interested in journalism and writing, more generally. Apart from The Trail, Jack is also involved in Crosscurrents, and in his free time he enjoys listening to music, watching movies, settling Catan, and riding his bicycle. Contact Jack at trail@pugetsound.edu, or visit him during his office hours: 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. in Diversions on Fridays.

State of The Trail

Welcome back everyone! As you are no doubt aware, school is back in full swing; by now I’m sure you’ve settled in to your daily routines, you’ve reunited with your friends, had some fun and, of course, stayed on top of your work, right? Well, even if that last part isn’t quite true, you’ll be happy to know that we at The Trail have been working hard this summer to bring you a great publication, and we have some big plans this year. For starters, you might notice that The...

Shelving for the slightly impaired

Your Domestic Dilemma: “My living space has so many walls, and I have so much stuff! What do I do?” Crafty Connie’s Solution: Shelves. Shelves are great because they allow you to put your aforementioned stuff on your aforementioned walls. A good shelf, level and properly installed, speaks to your houseguests. It says, “My host(ess) has excellent taste, fine woodworking skills and many places to display all of his/her wonderful possessions. Perhaps this person is a domestic success!” Unfortunately, most college students don’t have the time, skills or tools to...

Films from the Hispanic Studies community

How does one create a sense of community in the raging political and religious turmoil in the context of a world preoccupied with power struggles and recession, and where to we begin the conversation about these touchy subjects?  From the semester start through the first week of November the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, together with the Hispanic Studies Program, brings the Seventh Annual Hispanic Film Festival to campus initiating the conversation about community on campus. This year’s film festival includes a series of three Hispanic films and a...

Orientation: A freshman perspective

It probably felt different for every freshman the first time they stepped onto campus to start the new school year, but soon after everyone had conquered the endless I.D. card line and crammed the contents of their massive suitcase into their new little room, they set off to have a lot of similar experiences. Whether it was Play Fair, Prelude, Passages, the Urban Plunge or simply trying to find someone to eat with at meals—everyone was in the same boat from there on out. There were “Wow, I’m in college...