Admissions redesigns website to target new students

When the layout of the Puget Sound website changed almost two years ago, this prompted more departmental changes from within the University. The admissions office has been working on redesigning their webpage that is targeted towards admitted students. Four years ago, when the current seniors were deciding to attend Puget Sound, there was a discussion board on Cascade that allowed only the deposited students to talk amongst one another. Today, there are many more resources for admitted students, not just deposited students. Therefore, prospective students can communicate with one another,...

Reduced bus routes result in commuter concerns

On March 1, Pierce County Transit’s main natural gas fueling station in Lakewood exploded, which created problems for the some 300 buses making routes in Pierce County, according to the Tacoma News Tribune. Buses were forced to run on the Saturday schedule during the weekdays. This meant that buses stopped at each station every hour as opposed to the regular half hour schedule, creating many concerns for commuters. According to a March 28 press release from Pierce Country transit, regular service has been reduced by approximately 20% as a result....

Daily deals websites prove useful, despite frequent email alerts

A recent trip to Chipotle with a coupon redeemed from a random Facebook advertisement bought me two burritos for the price of one. When a friend gave me the coupon, the deal seemed too good to be true, but the coupon was in fact legitimate. And according to the Chipotle cashier, many burrito-buying customers had brought in the exact same coupon throughout the week. Recently, many daily deal websites have increased advertising for their services. Coupons like the one from Chipotle can be found in the “sponsored” section on the...

Facebook ticket sales fare well

Facebook has become the portal through which to connect to everyone, and now, everything on the Internet. The social media site recently began selling tickets for many different events, from movies to local fairs to concert series. Close to home, the Puyallup Fair has also taken hold of this Facebook ticketing idea and is currently selling tickets for its Concert Series. To use the service, you must add the “Puyallup Fair” application, but once added, you can choose to buy a variety of tickets for concerts held at the Fairgrounds...

Campus seeks greener containers

An unusual sight appeared in the Diner last week: A Dasani bottled water display. To put any confusion to rest, the water bottle display was not placed in the Diner by University staff. Instead, a Dasani salesman placed it there over the weekend, without consulting anyone. Dining and Conference Services promptly removed it the following Monday morning. “Even though the Dasani water bottles were made from compostable corn products, the University does not have the composting capabilities to handle them,” Diner Manager Melissa Flood said. “We do not have the...

Snow sports in Washington

Washington is home to some of the country’s most spectacular mountains and fortunately for students of Puget Sound, there are some terrific opportunities to get up to the mountain to ski, snowboard, snowshoe, sled, or whatever you fancy, even if it just to sip some hot chocolate in a cozy lodge. The Summit at Snoqualmie and Crystal Mountain are the most accessible mountains and both offer a variety of opportunities for snow recreation. Snoqualmie is located to the east of Seattle and offers four different regions to ski or board...
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