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New Student Poll: Even White People Tired of White People’s Bullshit

Today’s article is brought to you by Scooby Doo. Scooby Doo: If Something F***ed Up Is Happening, It’s Probably An Old White Man Trying to Make Money. Speaking of old men who are using white privilege to further control the country, the ever-fun midterm elections have ended. For all those who may not know, the midterm elections are a very clear reminder of how outstanding our representative democracy is. At least for the people that really matter: rich, old white men. Yes these outstanding citizens are the ones that truly...
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Creative kid dresses up as Congressman

It’s almost that time again. No, I’m not talking about when we get such a weird fascination with Pumpkin Spice Lattes (that would be a shallow topic). No, it’s time for you to dress up for Halloween! Yes, now is the time to see who has the money to spend on exorbitantly priced costumes and to secretly judge them behind their back. Understandably, there won’t be many interesting costumes save one student’s this year. Against all odds, one student is going to be dressing up as something truly creative. Resembling...
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Seahawks 12th man ban continues

On October 12 the Seattle Seahawks fans were removed from play by head referee John Turfel after the Seahawks scored in the third quarter and their behavior became uncontrollable. It took two and a half hours to remove all Seahawks fans from the stadium, but the game eventually resumed. “It felt like a scrimmage, there was only a handful Cowboys fans who stuck around, and it was dead silent” starting quarterback, Russell Wilson, said, “I’ll admit it was very relaxing not being yelled at for two and a half hours...
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Q&A with girl from horror movie

In honor of Halloween, I sat down with That Girl from That Horror Movie on Netflix to talk about fashion, real estate and online shopping. Q: You had just moved into your house in this quiet suburban neighborhood when weird things started happening. Tell me about that. A: Well, the house was great at first. High ceilings, wet bar in the dining room, someone had died in it a couple months before— Q: Someone had died in it? A: Yeah. I don’t know. We didn’t think it was a big...
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New Ultimate Frisbee recruit becomes star player

The top high-school Frisbee player has committed to the University of Puget Sound club Frisbee team. The new recruit is named Max Peanut-butter.  Peanut-butter is a purebred American Fox Hound. His father has won many North American Gun Dog competitions, while Peanut-butter’s mother won the National Dog Show presented by Purina in 2006. “The dog has literally been bred to play Frisbee,” Tanner Smith said. “Max’s parents are some of the finest dogs in North America and the world.” Smith is a dog breeder located in Manchester, Kentucky. Peanut-butter was...
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Crow leader responds to libelous newspaper story

Recently, there was an article published in this paper entitled “Crows on campus causing problems for students.” Some very hurtful words were thrown at my crow brethren like “pervasive” and “infestation.” I sought out the crow leader to show them this article and the response was quite simple: “We were here first, a**holes. My family has been here for generations, and suddenly you people show up acting like you own the place. Well, guess what, you don’t own sh**. You call us a ‘flock of pests’ when it is you...
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Quad rivalry comes to a head

Tensions between North and South Quad appear to be at an all-time high, particularly since the failed attempt of North Quad to launch multiple Frisbees at South Quad residents on Oct. 14. Fortunately, due to the failure of the attack, South Quad has declared it will not launch a counterattack. Up until this attack, many students did not believe that North Quad even possessed Frisbees. It was suspected to be a bluff posed by the revered RA who resides in North Quad. The RA has been known to fabricate stories...
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CD outside radio station a bummer

While walking by CUPS, a member of The Flail staff obtained a handful of CDs from the box outside of the station. Not surprisingly, they were all a complete waste of plastic and aluminum. A particular “album” that stood out among the filth was titled Last Picked For Kickball by a “band” who call themselves Cacophony. The band call their personalized genre “Indie/Pop/SpokenWord” which consists of heavy bass, out-of-tune vocals and a lack of any musical knowledge. The opening track “Love Me, Dad” is an ear-shattering combination of spastic cymbals,...
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