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How to stay motivated: study tips and tricks for virtual finals

As students everywhere are facing a lot of unknowns amidst the pandemic, staying on top of schoolwork may feel overwhelming. This is not uncommon.  Results of the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium student survey at UPS found that 20% of students rated their ability as “poor” in terms of pushing themselves to stay motivated in a pandemic. 40% reported this ability as fair, and only 37% of students who took the survey reported their abilities in this area as good. In terms of finding healthy ways to manage the challenges,...
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Three-dimensional art piece, The Girl House, takes students’ experiences on a tour of the Tacoma area

You’ve probably noticed the little yellow house parked across Safeway on N. Adams St.  The Girl House is the summer research project of Emma Piorier ‘21 and Miranda Karson ‘21. The installation is a resistance to rape culture through the telling and sharing of experiences of coming of age, gender, sexuality, and sexual injustice to create community in a society that seeks to isolate narratives of girlhood and womanhood. The installation, a 7’ x 14’ tiny house on a trailer, creates a physical space for the submissions they received on...
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