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Nick Hornby, Ben Folds pair up on new release

On Sept. 24, Nick Hornby and Ben Folds released their album Lonely Avenue. Hornby wrote the lyrics and Folds composed and performed the music. To some, this may sound like the best two things put together since peanut butter and jelly - and, well, it is. From start to finish, their 11-song LP is pure sonic and lyrical bliss. Although I’ve only read part of Hornby’s High Fidelity, his tone comes off as cynical, informed, and quite crass - not so different from Folds’ style on Rockin’ the Suburbs. Arguably...
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Easy A earns a passing grade

You’ve seen the trailer on the Texts From Last Night website.  You know it’s got Emma Stone in a corset.  You know it’s got Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl.  And because it’s a movie about high school, of course Amanda Bynes is in it. Much like the 1980s, movies about high school will never die, but some reincarnations are better than others. Easy A stars Emma Stone as Olive Penderghast, a nice yet invisible girl in a typical public high school. When her best friend berates her into lying about...
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English professor Laurie Frankel publishes first novel, “The Atlas of Love”

“Until you actually write a novel, you really don’t know if you can write a novel,” said Puget Sound professor Laurie Frankel, who published her first novel, titled “The Atlas of Love” on Aug. 17 of this year. According to Frankel, the novel is a light, literary story about family and friendship. The plot follows three graduate students who are joined together to raise a baby, and details the challenges they face along the way. An on-campus Coffee Conversation with Frankel was  held Thursday, Sep. 23 in the Trimble Forum...
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