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Invisible Children film makes annual appearance on campus

On Wednesday, Nov. 3, the renowned, eye-opening documentary about conflict and child soldiers in Uganda, Invisible Children, will be put on by Puget Sound’s Invisible Children Club at Kilworth Chapel. The Northwest regional representative for the Invisible Children non-profit organization, Stuy Lewis, will be introducing the film and also speaking afterward. He will offer ways to get involved and to help stop the conflict in Uganda. The showing will be part of Invisible Children’s “Face to Face Tour,” in which a Ugandan student and his or her mentor tour around...
Arts & Events

Nick Hornby, Ben Folds pair up on new release

On Sept. 24, Nick Hornby and Ben Folds released their album Lonely Avenue. Hornby wrote the lyrics and Folds composed and performed the music. To some, this may sound like the best two things put together since peanut butter and jelly - and, well, it is. From start to finish, their 11-song LP is pure sonic and lyrical bliss. Although I’ve only read part of Hornby’s High Fidelity, his tone comes off as cynical, informed, and quite crass - not so different from Folds’ style on Rockin’ the Suburbs. Arguably...
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