An inside look at the houseless fraternity

Following the campus chaos of Crossover weekend, fraternities and sororities have begun to settle in, welcoming their pledges to feel at home in their respective houses. Some houses have already had three of their weekly Chapter meetings, each starting to buckle down and decide upon what is in their best interest. For no house is this task more daunting than Sigma Alpha Epsilon, a currently houseless fraternity that must construct itself from the ground up and leave behind a foundation that will last. As a member myself, I can report...
Arts & Events

November brings vast array of concerts

We have some trials that lie ahead of us as we enter the grind preceeding the end of first semester. To get through finals week, some may be tempted to go find a hole somewhere and die. However, as long as we’re students at this school, we all will be forced to deal with it somehow. That’s what escapism is for! Nothing is better escapism than live music. Within the next couple of months, there will be many great shows to choose from. Brandon Flowers is coming to the Showbox...
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