U.S. sanctions not enough

Following Russia’s invasion of Crimea, Ukraine has received worldwide attention. Currently, the U.S. is trying to impose sanctions on Russia and is also trying to get the EU on board. Europe in reluctant to join with the West because so much of Europe, especially England, relies on Russian exports of natural gas. Europe imports 30% of Russian natural gas. In the short term, the U.S. imposing sanctions on things such as visa bans will not stop Russia from trying to claim Crimea. Kelly Erikson, a professor in the Politics and...

Proposition to split California unpromising

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper is spearheading a plan to split California into six states. He has until July 18, 2014 to collect 807,615 signatures for a ballot initiative that could reach voters by November 2016. According to The Washington Times, “when you have a government that is this big, there are too many interests that the people who govern are trying to manage,” Draper said. “Those people are doing something that I think is just too much. You’re trying to do too much for everyone, and by doing...

Puget Sound joins American Honors Program: promising future for accessibility to education

The University of Puget Sound has just become part of the American Honors Program. This program offers highly motivated and intelligent community college students the support and resources they will need to get into their dream college after two years. According to the website, americanhonors.org, the program’s curriculum “is designed to prepare students for junior- and senior-level coursework at the best colleges and universities in the country. At the conclusion of the 2-year program, students will earn an Associate’s degree with Honors and will have the opportunity to apply for...
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