HRO Report Fall 2013

The following is the University of Puget Sound discriminatory harassment report from August, 2013 through December, 2013.

This report is compiled by the Harassment Reporting Officers (listed below).  As part of an effort to cultivate a campus environment in which concerns, questions, and complaints are forwarded for resolution, the officers broadened the campus reporting practice in 2011 to include all inquiries or concerns raised in areas related to discriminatory harassment, not just those which resulted in official actions.  As a result, there is a significant increase in the number of reported incidents starting in 2011-2012 report versus those of previous years.

There are also other campus reports that detail campus crime activity (http://www.pugetsound.edu/about/offices–services/security-services/annual-security-report/) and incidents of bias and hate (http://www.pugetsound.edu/files/resources/5847_DiversityReport2012_.pdf) ).   There is overlap in information between these reports and the one below.  All, however, account for incidents in slightly different ways and, thus, the numbers reported in each document will be different and should not be seen as cumulative in nature.


A student alleged harassment by another student living in her suite. The complaint was resolved informally to the student’s satisfaction by choosing to move to another living space on campus. The concerns were addressed with the responding student by the Assistant Dean of Students.


A student alleged harassment from a former partner who is also a student on campus. The complaint was resolved informally to the complainant’s satisfaction with a no-contact agreement.


A student alleged a violation of a no-contact order with another student from a previous sexual misconduct incident in 2011. The complaint was resolved informally. Outcomes included Conduct Probation II, and several educational sanctions.


A report was made alleging partner violence between two students. The student admitted experiencing intimidation but not physical violence. The student asked that no further investigation take place.


Three students alleged sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. The incident was resolved informally. Outcomes included Conduct Probation I, termination, and educational sanctions.


A student alleged harassment by another student. The complaint was resolved to the student’s satisfaction when the Assistant Dean of Students addressed the behavior with the responding student.


A student alleged harassment by another student.  The complaint was resolved informally to the student’s satisfaction with a no-contact agreement.


A student alleged multiple incidents of sexual assault by another student on campus during a past academic year. Currently, Student Conduct is investigating.


A student expressed concern about stereotyping and profiling comments, expressed by a faculty member, regarding sexual orientation, gender, athletics, and appearance. The matter was resolved informally through consultation with the faculty member.


Last semester a student sought and received advice about their options in addressing sexual harassment on the part of the invitee of a housemate.  A follow-up contact with that student was made this semester to remind the student of their resources and options. An offer to meet was also extended. The student responded that they would get back in touch if they felt the need for assistance and expressed thanks for the call.


Several staff members expressed concerns to Human Resources about differential treatment based on gender within their department. The concern was addressed with the department leadership by Human Resources.


Incomplete Reports

In an effort to obtain more information about the prevalence of sexual misconduct on campus, staff in the office of Student Conduct decided to elicit (encouraged the submission of) incomplete reports from campus partners (faculty, staff, and student leaders). In Fall 2013, Student Conduct began documenting incomplete reports, incidents which have been reported by third parties where Student Conduct attempted but was unable to obtain further details and/or cooperation from the third party reporter.


A summary of the incomplete reports is as follows:

There have been 7 incomplete reports.

  • 2 of which were possible sexual assaults.
  • 5 of which are unknown types of sexual misconduct.
  • 3 out of the 7 incidents involve the same alleged offender.
  • 5 out of the 7 incidents were reported by third parties.
  • 2 alleged offenders out of the 7 incidents are known to be non-students.



Harassment Reporting Officers:  Kris Bartanen (Academic Vice President),  Michael Benitez (Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, Chief Diversity Officer), Debbie Chee (Assistant Dean of Students),  Sunil Kukreja (Associate Dean), Cindy Matern (Associate Vice President for Human Resources), Grace Kirchner (Faculty Ombudsperson),  Nancy Nieraeth (Employment and People Development Director), Czarina Ramsay (Director of Multicultural Student Services), Mike Segawa (Dean of Students)

Distribution:  The Trail, Open Line, web posting, Diversity Committee, Student Life Committee, Bias Hate Education Response Team, Diversity Advisory Council