Beta Theta Pi chapter returns after 2 years

A new fraternity is coming to Puget Sound. Beta Theta Pi will be making its return in the fall of 2013 under the guidance of Tom Martin, Colony Development Coordinator.

“Beta Theta Pi is a values based fraternity,” Tom Martin said. Its initial goals are to recruit fifty men of principle, find partner organizations on and off campus and provide a positive experience for the University. Beta will be moving into Unit G next academic year.

Beta Theta Pi will be overseen by the InterFraternity Center (IFC), which is the governing body for the fraternities on campus.

“Each of the chapters are represented on the IFC, and the executive board is elected to one-year positions.  The IFC has many functions, including: holding chapters accountable to policy and values, providing educational opportunities for fraternity members, organizing the recruitment process and acting as a unified voice and advocate for the fraternity community,” Moe Stephens, Assistant Director of Student Activities, said.

Right now Beta Theta Pi is offering a Men of Principle Merit Scholarship that is open to all non-Greek Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. Women may apply as well to earn this $1000 award. The scholarship is evaluated based on academic achievement, campus involvement and leadership. The award amount is subject to increase depending on the amount of support from the community. The deadline to apply is Oct. 1. Students can go to and click the Puget Sound scholarship link, or contact Tom Martin for more information.

Beta Theta Pi has traditionally been a community of values-driven men all working together to attain personal growth, leadership and fun. Recruitment has already begun for potential members and founding fathers. One Puget Sound student shared why he wanted to become a founding father.

“Personally I see Beta returning on campus as a great opportunity. With this brand new start up I see an opportunity to change the expectations. I applied because I want to make sure that Beta can be a respectable organization on campus, and I want to be a part of making it something great. I hope that in the future Beta can be known as a place for men of principle where the members are selected from the most dedicated, involved and academically engaged students at Puget Sound,” junior Ben Boe said.

The founding of Beta Theta Pi can be traced back to Oxford, Ohio in 1839 at Miami University. Back then, Sigma Phi, Phi Delta Theta and Beta Theta Pi were known as the Miami triad. During the civil war many of the Beta houses shut down because members were away battling, but after the war was over many of the chapters were revived.

Beta Theta Pi also has notable achievements, being the first fraternity to have chapters west of the Mississippi River and also the first to have its constitution open to the public.

Beta Theta Pi initially came to Puget Sound as an interest group in 1963. It now has over 900 alumni in the greater Seattle area. Beta is known for its leadership and involvement on campus, which earned it a building on Puget Sound in 1965. This lasted until 2011 when the Puget Sound chapter of Beta disbanded. The members of Beta, alumni, and administration at Puget Sound came to a consensus that it would be better if Beta took a break and adhered to better practices of moderation with social activities. Beta is returning with a refined selection process and a desire to shape a new generation of values-driven men. This could be the start of a new legacy here at the University of Puget Sound.