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The prostate. Most of us have heard of it. It is refered to in many tantra writings as the “sacred gate.” Sometimes known as the elusive “male g-spot,” the prostate opens up many doors for sexual stimulation in males.
However, there are a lot of misconceptions about the prostate. Before we delve into these misunderstandings and techniques in how to stimulate the prostate, we must first figure out exactly what the hell this mysterious gland is in the first place.
The prostate is located just under the bladder in males. It circles around the urethra, and produces much of the fluid found in ejaculation. The fluid produced by the prostate is used to carry and nourish sperm. But even more amazing is the pleasure it can produce. When stimulated correctly, it can enhance genital sensations, as well as produce long, warm orgasms completely on it’s own. Sometimes with ejaculation, sometimes without. Sometimes with an erection, sometimes without. The prostate is the  holy grail of the male sex organs.
Now there are a couple of misconceptions about the prostate I would like to clear up before moving forward. The prostate is not merely another sexual organ. Prostate stimulation can produce warmer richer orgasms in any situation, no matter the ammount of stimulation. It can produce longer orgasms, and even multiple orgasms.
Many people believe that males are not gifted with the same hot spots as women, such as the “G”-spot and the clitoris. But these are the people who have not discovered the incredible world that is opened up by prostate play. Another major misconception is that prostate stimulation is reserved for gay males. This is absurd, as men of all sexual orientations have the same sexual anatomy.
However, homophobia unfortunately has the ability to foster a stigma against prostate play, because the prostate is most easily accessed through anal play. Those who are nervous to try something such as prostate play need to remember that all men have a g-spot, and all men have the potential to enjoy it, regardless of who turns them on.
So now we get to the fun part! The Prostate-Triggered orgasm. According to Touch Me There!: A Hands-On Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots by Yvonne K. Fulbright, “a prostate-triggered orgasm is a deeper, implosive, more full-bodied, longer-lasting orgasm, with ejaculation coming in spurts instead of in a steady stream. Many claim that it is the best orgasm of their lives, having never experienced anything like it before.”
To all my fellow male readers, if that doesn’t get you excited, then you’re reading the wrong section, my friend. Prostate stimulation, when combined with genital stimulation, can create unique “blended” orgasms that many women experience.
So now I’ve got you all revved up and excited for prostate play, right? You’re ready to give it a go, or try it on your partner, right? Well first thing that you should know is that the prostate is most easily accessed through the anus, and much like the female g-spot, can be stimulated about two inches in, on the front wall of the rectum towards the belly.
However, the prostate can also be stimulated from outside the anus, behind the balls at the perineum or “taint.” Though this is more subtle stimulation, when fully aroused, it can also produce prostate orgasms in many men.
I suggest that you communicate with your partner thoroughly before trying anything of this nature. Make sure that there is mutual interest, and even take some time to explore it on your own and find out what really gets you going!
If you are wanting to jump into some prostate play, make sure that you are fully aroused first. Otherwise, prostate stimulation can become painful and uncomfortable. But when done right, it produces a plateau of pleasure unmatched by any other male organ.
So there you have it! All the tools you need to jump right into some mind-blowingly orgasmic prostate play. Trim your fingernails, use a generous amount of lube and communicate! As long as a a sex act is safe and consensual, it’s awesome!
So go forth, men. Go out, be strong, and claim what is rightfully yours. Claim your male g-spot.