Cosby to perform



As Thanksgiving rapidly approached, tickets to see the infamous Bill Cosby became available for presale. Many students were seen lined up by the information center in the S.U.B. on Tuesday to purchase tickets to see the famous Bill Cosby.

A legendary comedian who once had plans to be a physical education teacher, Bill Cosby has made many strides in the art of social comedy. With hit sitcoms and comedy shows, Cosby has been keeping people laughing for over 40 years. His iconic voice has been on television screens and radio stations nationwide.

Besides comedy, Bill Cosby has also made strides as an African American rights activist. In many cases, Cosby was seen publically addressing the African American population in an attempt to focus more on equality and education, rather than less important social aspects of the world, including the media and sports.

The line for tickets was extremely long, causing many students to wait for extended periods of time before they excitedly received their ticket for the February show. Katie Breece, a sophomore, got in line right when the tickets began selling.

“I probably waited about 45 minutes, which was kind of silly since they didn’t sell out,” Breece said.

Breece thought the wait was worth it, however.

“I think it’s pretty cool that we’re having such a big name celebrity come here. This is one of those opportunities you only get in college.”

Breece’s excitement over the upcoming show is echoed by many other students who bought tickets. Daniel Salas, a junior, was originally the first in line.

“I gave up my spot to Lisa Tucker because she really wanted to be the first in line and I didn’t really care. I waited for half an hour, but it wasn’t because I desperately had to get them. That being said though, I’m pretty excited for it. I think he’s going to have a lot of interesting things to say,” Salas said. For Salas, waiting in line for an extended period of time will definitely be worth the wait.

Sophomore Lisa Tucker is equally as excited as Salas. “I am super stoked to see the legend that is Bill Cosby. I’m a big comedy fan and Cosby is one of the legends,” Tucker said. “Who knows how many opportunities I’ll have to see him at all, let alone at my own freakin’ school!”

Cosby’s scheduled visit to the Puget Sound campus is one of the events that the school has planned to recognize the 125th anniversary of the University of Puget Sound’s founding in 2013.

With his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Bill Cosby is an icon and well-rounded comedian. Students, staff and faculty do not want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime event coming soon to campus.

The show, which is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 10 at 7:30 p.m., will be held in the Memorial Fieldhouse. If you would like to purchase tickets to this popular event, you can order them online at, or you can call the Information Center in Wheelock Student center with your credit card in hand at 253-879-6013. Tickets for students and faculty with ID cards are being sold at a discounted price of $15, with a limit of one ticket per person. Non-discounted prices are $25 for general seating and $50 for prime seating. If tickets are left over before the performance, they will be sold at the door upon entrance. Don’t miss out!