The Happy Trail

Weighing the positives and negatives of porn

Well, it’s nearly 2 a.m. You finally finished your essay. You’re a little stressed and ready to get some sleep. But as you’re browsing the web one last time before heading to bed, something catches your eye. So you type in the url of your favorite porn site, unzip your pants, and relieve a little bit of that “stress” before finally hitting the hay. Porn is easy, right? Porn is simple? Porn is cool.
But let’s be honest here, porn is pretty controversial, too. Researchers are in a constant battle over whether porn promotes violence towards women. For some, porn creates unrealistic expectations of real life sex. Not to mention the effects on body image for both men and women.
And in reality, this generation is getting its sex ed from RedTube. According to a recent study by the University of North Carolina, the average age that a child first views internet pornography is 11. In 2009, the fourth most commonly searched word for children seven and under was “porn.”
These numbers can’t be ignored. The fact is, kids are gonna get their hands on some porn. And it’s most likely going to be their first look at real human junk. It’s the first time that they see “real” sex.
“So tell me Girth, why should porn be supported if it creates all of these potential problems?”
Well, I really don’t think that kids seeing porn is a problem, especially if their parents aren’t talking to them about sex.
And let’s not pretend that we don’t know the real reason that people watch porn: choking the chicken; waxing the dolphin; pearl fishing; jerking off; gagging the clam. And as long as it’s healthy, we are totally pro-masturbation here at The Happy Trail.
Now we all know the potential problems with porn. We’ve heard them a million times. Porn can create body image problems as well as unrealistic expectations for sex. However, these types of problems can be avoided as long we remember that porn is fantasy. As long as you recognize that it’s not real life, you should be fine.
But one of the most impactful and least talked about effects of porn is its effect on relationships. Sometimes people feel insecure when they find out that their partner is getting off from watching somebody else. If you feel like your partner isn’t attracted to you because he or she is watching porn, try thinking about the fact that your partner still chose to be with you! They are aroused by moving pictures that give them a quick release, but they are more attracted to the reality of you.
Another concern is that of taboo acts in pornography. A lot of people are confused and surprised when they are aroused by something outside of their normal sex life. Does Fifty Shades of Grey ring a bell?
But just because you or your partner are turned on by the fantasy of something, this by no means constitutes a desire to experience that in real life. If you find yourself getting turned on by three dudes being blindfolded, tied up and f**ked with a strap-on by a dominatrix in the back of a camper, embrace it! Whether it’s just porn, or whether it’s a kink that you like in your daily sex life, as long as it’s safe and consensual, it’s awesome.
Now pornography, for some, can become addictive to the point that it affects their daily life and real-world relationships. Individuals can also develop unhealthy masturbation habits that can lead to a point where they no longer enjoy sexual stimulation with a partner. If you ever find yourself or somebody you care about in a position like this, feel free to contact any member of The Happy Trail staff, and we would be more than willing to help direct you to counseling resources.
So there you have it. Porn is awesome. Masturbation is awesome. Self love is awesome. As long as you remember that porn is NOT reality, be it the way the actors look, the reactions that you see, or the kinks that you watch. Porn is an easy way to get aroused and get off. Keep browsin’, clickin’ and jerkin’, you sexy people.