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Letter to the Editor: Take the Rendezvous back to its roots

As an alumnus it has come to my attention that the University plans to remodel Club Rendezvous in the coming years. This recent revelation has brought up a slew of memories at what we then called Rendezvous 54, and how it defined my time at Puget Sound.
Rendezvous was the place to be seen on a Friday night in 1976. I was a freshman and had only heard rumors of the Rendezvous 54 glory. My stomach was in knots but my hair was feathered and fresh and my jeans fit just right. I was ready.
The place was packed, an exhilarating mixture of unshaven Puget Sound students and beautiful celebrities. Once I even met Max Brandt, or as he’s more commonly known, “Extra in furniture-moving scene #1” in The Godfather. People had sparkles in their eyes back then, the sparkle of youth. Also cocaine.
Rendezvous 54 had the flashing lights, the dance floor, the disco ball, everything you could want in an on-campus club. You couldn’t go 10 minutes without someone on acid caressing your sleeve or being invited to do body shots off of the basketball team.
Rendezvous’ reputation spread well beyond campus; in fact, bouncers at the door spent most of their time wrestling PLU students away from the bar. Occasionally Rendezvous 54 would host some kind of comedy group, but those nights were deserted. I never went.
I am writing this not only to share the glory of my youth with you young Loggers, but also to express my excitement about the remodel. I can only hope the school is able to return Club Rendezvous to its former glory. Because every campus deserves a bar where you can inhale free tanks of laughing gas and pass out on top of the DJ booth.

Eternally Yours,
Skylark Destiny

Class of 1980
PartyRocker For Life