The Happy Trail

Welcome to a new year of sex and romance

Well, hello there. Fancy seeing you here. Welcome to a brand spankin’ new year of The Happy Trail—your friendly neighborhood sex section (sextion?). My fellow writers and I are so excited by the honor of bringing you another year of information, advice and horrible puns.
A few rules for our beautiful new relationship—first off, we are not experts. We are students just like you who want to promote healthy conversation among our fellow lovers and learners.
If you need medical or psychological advice please find an expert—we are trained only by years and years of unabashed sluttiness (well… I speak only for myself).
As young students, we are all early into our sexual careers. So as writers, we try to speak to the beginner—this is not to dumb you down (we don’t doubt that some of you have had great sex, and that some of you are abstaining for great reasons!), but rather to be sure to include everyone, no matter how much experience they’ve had.
So for example, if you are at the crop-and-constraints level of kink rather than the fuzzy pink handcuffs level, seek a kink guru instead. Or ask us to direct you to some quality reading material.
Sometimes, we say naughty words. Different words make different people uncomfortable. However, in the interest of normalizing sexual conversation, we will be using all the dirty words we love. Cock. Pussy. Asshole. Cooter.
Finally, we try our best to be as non-normative as possible—that is why I am especially pleased to welcome my partners in crime this year. This section, which began with two (mostly) straight white women, has evolved to welcome a diversity of genders and sexualities.
So if you are interested in contributing a voice or opinion, please contact us! We appreciate all respectful comments at
Thanks for reading, and happy trails!