The Happy Trail

Kama sutra in a dorm room

Well, it’s that time of year again: when students travel back to campus and move into new dorm rooms.
And as the year begins anew, we once again venture to those quintessential Puget Sound house parties.  And so begins the experiences of dorm room hook-ups.
First things first: Dorm rooms do not necessarily create a desirable atmosphere for getting down.
We have roommates that we share the space with, and neighbors all over the building.  And many pieces of furniture aren’t built to sustain horny students.
But beds are. Beds are sturdy.  Beds are pretty great for sex.
Beds are the quintessential place for sex. But they do have their drawbacks. Have you felt those mattresses lately?
If you do want to hookup in the bunk, most people get padding for general additions for comfort.
Recently, a big trend has included those memory foam mattress and pads that improve your spine alignment or prevent scoliosis.
Though they provide a great night’s sleep, many have complained that they are not ideal for sex. One reviewer quoted that it “was like doing it in quicksand”.  So if that’s not necessarily your thing, ditch the foam.
However, do you always want to do it in the bed?
If you don’t want to be confined to the bed, go for it! But keep in mind which things in your room are stable/strong enough for some humping.
Or simply, just stand and lean against them! It’s simple and it gets the job done!
For instance, dorm chairs are especially perfect for reverse cowboy/cowgirl in which the receiving partner rides the giving partner.
And if you have a rocking chair, you just have added motion to play with. But just make sure you’ve got your footing.
You don’t even need furniture!  The giving partner (strength permitting) can hold the receiving partner while leaning against the wall. Or both can stand while the receiving partner leans on the wall.
And then again, the floor works just fine! Just be sure to do your work on a rug/towel/comfortable material that doesn’t give you any chaffing or irritation (talk about rough).
Another aspect is to be cautious of your volume. Some buildings do have thicker walls, like Regester or A/L, and some are paper thin, like Trimble. And let’s just say those doors don’t exactly help.
If things do get a little loud, that shouldn’t discourage you! Make sure your windows are closed, or put a towel rolled up at the foot of the door.  Both of those options can cut down on outside noise.
So with sex in dorm rooms: safety first, but don’t shy away because I’ve told you about a few precautions. There are countless ways to have great sex in a dorm room.
This is college, and for many the first exploration into sex. Like anything you try for the first time, there are probably going to be some bumps in the road (pun totally intended).
That’s part of the fun of sex, experimenting with what you’ve got and what you can do.
So everyone, prepare your bed and soundproof your walls. Your roommate may get a little frustrated from all your wild intercourse and constant need for privacy. But then again, that’s college, right?